Waking Up Early And Conquering The Rest Of Your Day As An Entrepreneur

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Hello everyone, hope you all are doing good? This is the beginning of an exciting series, which promises to be informative and also educative, do well to follow all the parts, as you will definitely gain 1 or 2 useful information from the series.

It is very popular opinion that waking up early will ensure you have a more productivity day and it is quite true. The rich and wealth starts their day very early, as early as 4:00am or 5:00am and that will ensure the rest of the day to be more productive. The issue majority of us face, is how to wake up early and that's what this article is all about. In today's article, we would be looking at an excellent tip for waking up early.


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Use A Trick Alarm

Majority of us that want to start waking up early, so we set alarm and when it rings, we snooze it and when it rings again, we shut it off and continue with our sleep. It's quite difficult waking up to a 4:00am or 5:00am alarm, because we have not yet reached our desired time of waking up. We are already wired to wake up around 6:30am or 7:00am, hence, waking up before then, feels quite wrong and the body will react and that's why we feel like snoozing the alarm or shutting it off. But we can use a trick alarm, to help us create rewire our waking up time.

These trick alarm, makes it difficult for users to be able snooze or shut the alarm off. Before the alarm goes off, it will require you to solve a math problem or a puzzle, by doing that, your brain wakes up and is alert. After solving the math problem or puzzle, your body and brain is already awake. By using this trick alarm, you will be able to start waking up early and conquering the rest of your day.

Bonus Trick: You can your phone or alarm clock, far away from your bed, the process of getting off your bed to switch it off, will wake up your body and brain and that gives you extra edge not to go back to sleep after the alarm rings. We need to be more productive and we can achieve that by waking up early.




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Hello @menoski!
The truth is that the habit of getting up early has cost me to encourage it, however it is very true that to do what is planned and enjoy good health is important to do so, good tips that you present, thanks for sharing!

I don't think things are different for entrepreneurs but overall it's always a good idea to get up early and do daily things before we start to the work and this practice is good for health as well..

The bonus trick you added at the end is right on point. Cos it will easy to off the alarm if it is close to the bed but when it is far, you will have to get up and walk to it.

Nice piece bro

@tipu curate