Understanding Investment through Private and Public Sales

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Hello everyone, hope you all are doing good? This is the beginning of an exciting series, which promises to be informative and also educative, do well to follow all the parts, as you will definitely gain 1 or 2 useful information from the series. In today's article, we would be learning about what Crypto Investment means.



Crypto investment is a type of investment where investors purchase crypto assets with the hope of making profit from their purchase. Crypto investment is just like stock investment, where investors try to find an asset with a good team behind the project and purchase such asset and hope to make a good return on their investment.

Crypto investment is quite volatile, as you could buy a crypto asset and that investment could change your life entirely, as it could make 100x or when 1000x, that is, 100 times of your investment or a thousand times of your investment. Many people life have changed positively through crypto investment. I know of some in Nigeria, who bought quite a number of BTC in 2014 and held it till the bull run in ending of 2017 and he became a billionaire in Naira, his life changed completely.

Although, crypto investment isn't all positive all of the time. As many people have also lost their hard earned money, as they invest in wrong projects, instead of having 10 times more from their investment, their investment goes down 10 times.

I personally, have seen my fair share of poor Crypto investment and lost quite a lot money through investing in the right project at the wrong time. I most times invest at the top thinking the bullish run will continue, and before I know it, my investment is 2 or 3 times down, hence, making a bad lost.

With all of my experience in crypto investment, I have come to some very effective way to make a good crypto investment, which are;

  • Research the coin details.

  • Research the project and the team

  • Diversify

  • Patience

Research the coin details: You need to know the total supply, circulating supply and market cap of the crypto asset you are about to invest in. Know the number of holders and the influence of the whales holders. For instance, if a whale have 30% share of the max supply of an asset, don't invest in such asset, because he/she can manipulate the market at his/her will. Also, check their social handles, like Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Telegram, Facebook and Discord. By doing this, you are becoming part of the community and you would know if you would like to invest or not.

Research the project and the team: You need to read the white paper, road map and tokenomics of the project. Digest it and know what the project is about, so as to know if it has a bright future ahead or not. Research the team, verify their social handles, so you don't fall into a scam project.

Diversify: This is very important, research multiple crypto assets and their project and invest in three or four projects you feel have a bright future. So, if one doesn't live up to expectation, the others won't fail you. It's never wise to put all your eggs in one basket.

Patience: This is the most important of them all. The patient dog eats the fattest bone, is very correct when it comes to crypto. As long as you have thoroughly research on the crypto asset and project and see it as a good investment, you need to have the patience to wait regardless of the price movement. Initial holders of BTC, BNB or ETH, those that were patient with their hold, had their life completely transformed positively. I personally, would have had my life transformed. I had lots of Hunt tokens but sold way too early, if only I was patient, I would have made hundreds of millions of naira from my holdings. But the funny part, I didn't even make up to half a million naira because of lack of patience. Patience is a major key to crypto success.




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