New Video Editing Platform That Might Be Better Than Adobe After Effects & Adobe Premier

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I'm brushing up my video editing skills, as I want to start publishing more vlog contents. I'm a huge fan of Adobe products, as I have Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and Indesign. But when I came across this new platform in my venture to make video editing much easier as I would love to start doing quite a handful of vlogs soon. The name of this platform is called Kapwing.



Kapwing is an online web platform, by just clicking on this link and signing up, your video editing journey has begun. No need to download After Effects or Premier that is over 1GB and has high monthly subscription, except you find the cracked version which are quite hard to find and a bit risky to your system.


My Account On Kapwing

I just discovered the platform 2 days ago and I have been blown away that such platforms do exist. The platform is quite user-friendly. I'm using the free plan, where there will watermark in my videos that are over 5 minutes long. It is fair deal, I must say. As you can see from the image above, I have already edited a video.

What is amazing about this platform, is that, the platform also help to reduce the size of your video. As you know, videos of 5 minutes plus, could be over 1GB and it is quite difficult to reduce the size without losing the quality of the content. But with this platform, it is quite easy. My original video was 994MB, after I did my editing and exported it, it reduced to a massive 41MB for a 7 minutes long video and the quality of the video remained same. I was truly impressed with that.


It is very user-friendly. You can easily use great templates, import your videos, your templates and audio and begin your editing. The most exciting feature for me, which I'm yet to use, it's the recording feature. I could record myself and screen and edit the video right away, mind blowing.


With these features, you can easily do a podcast, a good tutorial video and other amazing vlog video. As soon as I get my webcam which I have ordered, I will be doing more on Record Camera or Record Screen and Camera vlog articles.

The editing section is quite easy to use and not so complex. I really do enjoy using the platform to create my video. Because I was in shock that I could do such wonders with an online web platform. It took me less than 5 minutes to get a hand of the platform. I'm still figuring out the platform and I will keep updating you guys, Geek lovers.


This is truly an amazing Video Editing platform, which I would say is better than Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premier, that's if, you are into less complex vlog articles. I will try to update you guys, geek lovers more on Kapwing platform. Enjoy the video I edited using the Kapwing Platform below. Although, there wasn't so much editing in the video, as I inputted my name in the beginning of the video and also add images to illustrate my point quite easily and lastly, it reduced the size of my video greatly and those are huge plus for me. I hope you enjoy it. Till next time, stay safe, Geek lovers.


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The Kapwig video editor looks really amazing. This will be a powerful tool in the hands of those that are into video editing.
Hope it also runs on mobile platform? I might have to try it out.

Thanks for sharing bro