Achieve More By Doing The Hardest Task First - Part 3

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Hello everyone, hope you all are doing good? I'm back with the Part 3 and Final Part of this amazing series, Achieve More By Doing The Hardest Task First. If you haven't read the Part 1 and Part 2, I strongly suggest you do that by clicking here for Part 1 and here for Part 2. In today's article, we would be looking at 2 more reasons why doing the hardest task first is more rewarding than doing the easiest task first.


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Life Doesn't Have Shortcuts

A lot of us like to take the easiest way or the shortest way to achieve our success/goals, but the reality is that, there is no easy way or shortcut to success. We need to understand that there are no easy way or shortcut to success, that's why many people avoid doing the hardest task first, because they are hoping the hardest task get done by itself as it is tedious. But the only way to success is, hard work and consistency. Although, some people do get luck, but luck also comes to those who work hard. If you are hoping for a lucky success, you also need to work hard for the luck. When you can fully comprehend that they are no shortcuts or easy way to success, you will be able to understand why you need to start with the hardest task of the day first and success will be yours in no long time.

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We are usually tired during the end of the working hours of the day. Let's say you are doing nothing, just seated in one place, when it is pass 3pm, you will be tired and weak, without even doing any task. That's because we get tired towards the end of working hours. It's just nature and how things work, although there are always exceptions. To get those hard tasks done during the end of the working hours of the day, is almost impossible, as you are already fatigued out and will be unable to get the task done properly and you will most likely end up postponing the task to the next day, hence, more task the following the day. It is very important and super necessary that we always start with the hardest task of the day first, as we can do the easiest task of the day even when we are tired or fatigued out, because they are easy to do. By doing this, your productivity levels and performance levels will be greatly boosted.


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hello @menoski,
I have been trying to be more efficient when it comes to work, the main challenge I find is that at the end of the day I feel tired, doing the most difficult tasks in that period of time always cost me a lot. I think I will take a new approach I will try to follow your advice to do the hardest things when I have more energy and more mental clarity. Excellent article

I have more energy and more mental clarity

I like this phrase. And that's true, we do have more energy and more mental clarity in the early hours of the day and that's when we should try to do our hardest task. I'm very glad you found the article to be educative.

Thanks for your excellent comment @trabajosdelsiglo

Just like you clearly indicated that life doesn't give one an option of short cuts, so also is success. Success, as people already know, also does not have short cuts. So we need to give it all it takes.

Excellent read bro

Yes bro, we really need to give it all that it takes to achieve success and that's by starting our day with the hardest tasks.

Thanks for your excellent comment @samminator

Hi friend, you are right, one way to be more productive is to perform the difficult tasks first, when we have more energy and we can be better focused, leaving them at the end, when we are already exhausted will only generate frustration and may prevent us from finishing the goal.

Exactly, doing the hardest at the later hours of the day, may result to us not completing or finishing our goals. When we have the energy and focus, we should ensure to do the hardest task, and that will make our day to be more productive.

Thanks for your amazing comment @emiliomoron

Hi @menoski Good recommendation to execute the most difficult task gives you relief before the others, maybe you are tired but on a psychological level you will feel relieved to have completed what is the worst phase, very thoughtful your publication good habits less fatigue, success.

you will feel relieved to have completed what is the worst phase.

Exactly, we are done with the hardest and worse phase of our day, when do the hardest task first, making the rest of the day, less tedious and more fun.

Thanks for your amazing comment @aplausos