Introducing a newbie to splinterlands

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Splinterlands formally known as Steem monster was launched back in 2018, with blockchain games making waves in the crypto space users have capitalized on multiple gaming platforms as means of generating passive income, in-game activities such as staking dividend tokens, buying/selling of cards, owing NFTs playing and earning for fun.

Introducing new users into crypto sometimes seems to be a very difficult task, I've had several conversations with random users where the word blockchain sound like a machine language it now depends on you to decode these word to such users for better assimilation of what blockchain entails.

The first step is telling such newbies what splinterlands game is all about there are technical terms like NFTs, cards, DEC, SPS, staking, and so on, with a proper understanding of what these terms are such users will have better gimps on what they will up against.

Next is sharing the registration link where such a newbie can conveniently create an account to start playing for fun, on registering a guide on what splinterlands spellbook is, and step by step guide on how to activate spellbook can be shown to the newbie.

Important guidelines governing the game can also be shown we have different battle elements fire, water, earth, life, and death there are other important tools like battle, challenge, practice, how to play showing such newbies how these tools works will help boost their playing strategy.

Sharing videos and practically demonstrating how to play the game, from my registered splinterlands game account can be shown to the newbie this process requires practical demonstration and gives the newbie a more in-depth understanding of how the game works, this process requires less technicality.

Playing splinterlands require one putting effect to build their in game battling strategy these can be achieved from playing daily in game battles quest which are won to claim rewards used to increase a user ranking.

Blockchain games are becoming mainstream in the crypto space with the likes of axie infinity that have attracted millions of users, splinterlands is making waves with lots of interesting activities design to attack more users these shows a positive future potential await players holding splinterlands token.


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Greetings @ mccoy02
Thank you very much for sharing this important publication, I have several weeks to enter to play and I find it very good splinterlands, however it has cost me a lot to advance levels, I'm still in the process of learning and obtaining resources to buy some cards.
I hope in the following to be able to level up and get more fun and profit.
Thank you very much for sharing your publication and I would appreciate any suggestions regarding the game.

Thanks much for stopping by sure the game is fun but requires dedication input effort of playing to level up.

The strategy i use for earning daily and more on splinterlands is accumulating more DEC which can be used to earn more SPS reward also by playing and wining quest i increase my DEC and get new NFT cards as reward.

thank you very much for your advice, I hope soon to reach other levels to get DEC, as I am for novice 2.

Well simpled explained. I remember playing splinter land then when it was called steem monster . I miss those period though. I believe as a newbie, one should learn to try to the game out. Not even for the monetary gain but majorly for the fun in it

The game is very fun to play i'm glad you find this post quite interesting😆