Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund is ( ETF )

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The month of October has always been a bullish month in the crypto space history tends to always repeat itself in the financial sector, when it comes to price rallies we tend to see a significant increase in market price towards the end of each year.

The quest to regulate bitcoin exchange-traded fund ( ETF ) has been long overdue several applications have been tendered by multiple crypto enthusiasts, which have always due to some reasons of bitcoin being an unregulated trading asset turned down by the security and exchange commission ( SEC ), today we are witnessing new dawn for the crypto space as the first regulated bitcoin ETF have been approved by the SEC, ProShares have launched the first U.S. Bitcoin ETF making the price of most cryptocurrencies making all-time high BTC and ETH have set a new price record making a high above $66,000 an high of $4,000.

Bitcoin ETF

An ETF is an investment platform that tracks the performance of an asset or group of assets, Bitcoin ETF focuses on tracking bitcoin performance allowing investors to enjoy shares and profit from bitcoin price movement.

Bitcoin ETF allows investors to buy into ETF without going through complications of trading bitcoin, not holding bitcoin directly leaves them with less worry about storage and security procedures of holding bitcoin as a liquid asset which means investors need not deal with the traditional exchange before earning a profit on a digital currency like bitcoin, bitcoin ETF comes with another advantage of allowing investors to short sell their ETF shares if they believe the price of bitcoin will go down in future.

In terms of diversification focusing on one asset could be a limitation with time there is speculation of having more cryptocurrency ETF services that will be available.


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This change in the ETF has generated very good expectations in the parent currency, or mother, as they want to call it, but BTC is BTC, of course there will always be corrections but the upward movement is here to stay, now we just have to wait for Elon to make the announcement again that he will accept BTC to purchase the

Sure Bitcoin ETF have greatly impacted the price of BTC, with more users transactions increased daily sure with Elon musk announcement we will see great movement in BTC.

Thanks for your time.

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