New electric plane with 4 engines and capacity for 100 passengers/Nuevo avión eléctrico con 4 motores y capacidad para 100 pasajeros

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We have already commented in this blog the difficulty of electrifying the transport of passengers and goods with large vehicles such as ships and airplanes, which, on the other hand, are the vehicles that contribute the most to polluting the environment, only light airplanes or small devices such as eVTOLs have been electrified.

Ya hemos comentado en este blog la dificultad que entraña electrificar el transporte de pasajeros y mercancías con grandes vehículos como barcos y aviones que, por otra parte, son los vehículos que más contribuyen a contaminar el medio ambiente, tal solo se han conseguido electrificar avionetas o aparatos pequeños como los eVTOL.

But it seems that this may change thanks to the Wright Spirit company, this company was founded in 2016 and since then it has been announcing its intention to create 1.5 Mw electric motors, which is the power necessary to fly a 186 passenger plane and that They wanted to test with the EasyJet company.

Pero parece que esto puede cambiar gracias a la empresa Wright Spirit, esta empresa fue fundada en 2016 y desde entonces viene anunciando su intención de crear motores eléctrico de 1,5 Mw que es la potencia necesaria para hacer volar un avión de 186 pasajeros y que pretendían probar con la compañía EasyJet.


Now it seems that the construction of a device that is somewhat smaller than the previous one but that is still a fully electric four-engine with capacity for 100 passengers will begin with the intention of launching a complete offer of electric cargo and passenger aircraft in the coming years.

Ahora parece que comenzará la construcción de un aparato algo más pequeño que el anterior pero que sigue siendo un cuatrimotor con capacidad para 100 pasajeros totalmente eléctrico con la intención de lanzar una oferta completa de aviones eléctricos de carga y pasajeros en los próximos años.

The design of this airplane will be based on the BAe 146 (British Aerospace 146) platform, which belongs to British jet aircraft with four turbofan reactors and T-tail with capacity to have between 70 and 120 seats or up to 12,490 kg in containers of type LD3 manufactured by British Airways.

El diseño de este aeroplano estará basada en la en la plataforma BAe 146 (British Aerospace 146) que pertenece a aviones a reacción británicos con cuatro reactores turbofan y cola en T con capacidad para tener entre 70 y 120 asientos o hasta 12.490 kg en contenedores de tipo LD3 fabricados por British Airways.


As detailed by the company, the plans to follow are to start with a first test in 2023 flying with a single electric motor and the others with normal combustion, the following year the same will be done but with two electric motors and two combustion engines for, in the year 2026, to be able to carry out the definitive tests with the four electric motors.

Según ha detallado la empresa los planes a seguir son comenzar con una primera prueba en el año 2023 volando con un solo motor eléctrico y los otros de combustión normal, al año siguiente se hará lo mismo pero con dos motores eléctricos y dos de combustión para, en el año 2026, poder hacer las pruebas definitivas con los cuatro motores eléctricos.

What this company has not yet specified is what will be the source of the electrical energy that will move these motors since, if the plan is to do it with batteries, this would imply a lot of additional weight as well as the loss of space to be able to house to passengers or cargo.

Lo que todavía no ha especificado esta compañía es cual será el origen de la energía eléctrica que moverá estos motores ya que, si el plan es hacerlo a base de baterías, esto implicaría un montón de peso adicional así como la pérdida de espacio para poder alojar a los pasajeros o a la carga.

More information/Más información

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Hola @mauromar, eso sería como una linterna con alas, si se le coloca baterías no queda espacio.

Over the years, the optimum stops being optimal for environmental reasons such as current means of transport. What consequences will new inventions have in decades? In the meantime, we give welcome him. Greetings.

You're right but this is the one way to progress.

Desde cierto punto de vista racional pareciera no viable un avión eléctrico. Habrá que esperar.

Hello @mauromar, really the most important thing is what will be the energy source? As you have mentioned and it is the most interesting part of this technological advance, since batteries occupy a large volume of space and the additional weight they represent, we are talking about a second challenge, which is to achieve batteries of less size and weight to provide energy.

Very interesting topic..!

Hi @tocho2, I guess they will use some liquid green fuel.
Thanks for your comment.

It is good that companies are already thinking of creating electric airplanes, that would be good for the environment, but they should also start thinking from now on, how they are going to do with the amount of batteries that will become obsolete, since according to studies, It is expected that over the next 6 years, 12.85 million tons of batteries (only from electric cars) will reach the end of their useful life and some materials used for their manufacture are highly polluting, which would have a environmental impact on the planet.

It seems these batteries can be reused for domestic use or for devices less demanding than cars or airplanes.

Is it gonna be the first company to use 4 e engines for only 100 pax carrier?

This is a very extraordinary plane, thank you for sharing it with us here.