Harvard scientist affirms that "old age is a disease"/Científico de Harvard afirma que "la vejez es una enfermedad"

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David Sinclair is a Ph.D. scientist at the University of New South Wales and a post-doctorate at MIT who has been voted one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time magazine and is in charge of a laboratory at Harvard University in the one that is dedicated to investigating what are the causes of aging.

David Sinclair es un científico doctorado en la Universidad de Nueva Gales del Sur y post doctorado del MIT que ha sido elegido una de las 100 personas más influyentes del mundo por la revista Time y que está a cargo de un laboratorio en la Universidad de Harvard en el que se dedica a investigar cuales son las causas del envejecimiento.

Like several of his colleagues David believes that aging is a disease that is also the cause of many other diseases that kill us, after 20 years of studies David believes that there are both natural and synthetic molecules that seem promising to delay the aging.

Al igual que varios de sus colegas David opina que el envejecimiento es una enfermedad que además es la causante de muchas otras enfermedades que acaban con nosotros, después de 20 años de estudios David cree que hay moléculas tanto naturales como sintéticas que parecen prometedoras para retrasar el envejecimiento.



Based on these studies, David and his colleagues have identified the nine main causes of aging and have found evidence that there is one of them that is the cause of almost all the others, it is the loss of epigenetic information responsible for activating or deactivating in the cells the genes that identify them and make them work properly.

Basándose en esos estudios David y sus colegas han identificado las nueve causas principale sdel envejecimiento y han encontrado evidencias de que hay una de ellas que es la causante de casi todas las demás, se trata de la pérdida de información epigenética encargadas de activar o desactivar en las células los genes que las identifican y las hacen funcionar correctamente.

As you all know, all of our cells are encoded with the genetic information that we inherit from our parents and on the other there is the epigenetic information that tells the genes when they have to be activated, which gives the cell its identity and tells it how it has to function, but it seems that over the years this information deteriorates and the ability to activate the correct genes at the right time is lost.

Como todos sabéis todas nuestras células llevan codificada por un lado la información genética que heredamos de nuestros progenitores y por otro está la información epigenética que le dice a los genes cuando tienen que activarse lo que le da a la célula su identidad y le dice como tiene que funcionar, pero parece que con los años esta información se deteriora y pierde la capacidad de activar los genes correctos en el momento adecuado.


According to scientists, there is no law in biology that says that we must age, it is simply that we do not know how to stop this deterioration but it is improving in the way of slowing it down, even in the laboratory it has been possible to reverse the aging process in animals and it seems that life habits have a lot to do with it.

Según los científicos no hay ninguna ley en biología que diga que debemos envejecer, simplemente es que no sabemos como detener este deterioro pero se está mejorando en la forma de ralentizarlo, incluso en el laboratorio se ha conseguido revertir el proceso de envejecimiento en animales y parece ser que los hábitos de vida tienen mucho que ver.

In addition to synthesizing the molecules we talked about at the beginning, the researchers recommend a healthy diet, exercise and physical activity, curiously they affirm that being hungry and a little cold keeps us healthier, they do not intend to avoid death but to be able to fulfill years without lose our physical conditions and abilities.

Además de sintetizar las moléculas de las hablábamos al principio los investigadores recomiendan una dieta sana, ejercicio y físico, curiosamente afirman que pasar un poco de hambre y un poco de frío nos mantiene más saludables, no pretenden evitarnos la muerte pero si poder cumplir años sin perder nuestras condiciones físicas y habilidades.

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I have been able to think about my future, the worst thing is that this disease has no cure, absolutely everyone has this disease, but there is always hope in technological advances and being able to find a cure.

I remembered the film and the book. The Bicentennial Man

Sometimes I think maybe our generation will be the last mortal one.

I am very struck by the opinion of this scientist that although I do not question his studies and research from the scientific point of view, I do so from the philosophical and cultural point of view. Old age or aging is not a disease to see it that way only brings with it a rejection and discrimination of one more of the stages of life in the human being and in other species that by natural law age. Nowadays, where it seems that people are disposable, this kind of posture only reinforces in the minds of some people thoughts of detachment and even discrimination against the elderly. In this month of September 2021 the World Health Organization had the pretension of declaring old age a disease alleging that older adults require specific care in different pathologies and diseases that develop due to age. Different organizations and universities around the world raised their voices against it. I am particularly one of the people who cannot bear to see the loneliness and sadness of elderly people who have been abandoned by their families in nursing homes or worse, those who live in the streets and are despised. The same goes for pets and farm animals that once they have aged their owners discard them like garbage because they either don't want to take care of them or having them has become a burden. Old age is just another stage in the life cycle. That is my opinion. A thousand thanks for your post I will look for more from the scientist you mention.

This is something very interesting to read about! On the other hand, would not the world be pretty destroyed if we would solve this porblem? I mean just think about how many humans would then live on this planet. I think this would lead to a filter event :D

Very interesting article!

Hi @ga38jem:

I do not see it that way, the richer a country is, the lower the birth rate, children give many problems, I suppose that a balance of deaths and births will be reached and to have a child you will have to pass an exam and be a millionaire.
Fortunately for that day I will already be 2 meters underground

Hola @mauromar… He elegido tu post sobre “-Harvard scientist affirms that "old age is a disease"/Científico de Harvard afirma que "la vejez es una enfermedad"-” para mi iniciativa diaria de reesteemear - votar y comentar…
Sigamos trabajando y apoyándonos para crecer en Steemit.

Muchas gracias amiga.

Terimakasih kasih bapak @mauromar info nya 👍

From just observing how a wound heals by itself through the natural processes of the body, we realize that the human being is designed to live indefinitely, we hope that soon the solution to this great unknown will be revealed.

Good topic, and I add:
With the way a man controls his emotions he contributes to being healthier. It says in the scriptures in Proverbs 17: 22 "A heart that is joyful does good as a healer, but a wounded spirit dries up the bones" and in the same book of Proverbs 14:30 it says: "A calm heart is life for the body, but Jealousy is a disease that rots the bones. "Then mind and body must harmonize. Greetings.

Maybe it's not exactly a disease as it's described by the Doctor, but certainly it is a phisical condition that can be slowed down.

As you can see in the last 150 years, mankind doubled its life expectancies by just changing a few habits and including others like daily bathing, toothbrushing and a balanced diet. Just by doing so, an average human passed from reaching a top age of 40 years to a 75 years in less than a century, without mentioning its increase in life quality.

No it's the turn for genetics science, and the outcome would be another boost in our life expentacy.