What is success like to you?

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People like to perceive success as riches, wealth, and having an abundance of money for oneself and the generation that comes after. In my opinion, success goes beyond that, and I have made peace that people will not agree with that assertion. In a world where only the wealthy are celebrated and termed as successful, people have narrowed the term to just a monetary term, which has messed with many people's minds. It has made people play down their achievements and success as some do not make them wealthy.



I am not denying that being wealthy is a big success in today's world, but I am saying that other terms qualify as successful that the world has downplayed at large. They are little things that should qualify for success that we joke with or place little importance on.

For example, graduating from a university or successfully starting a business is a great deal; we should also term it a success. Many have failed in this area as they could not accomplish this feat, which goes a long way to denote success in my books.

Take Nigeria, for example; The country continues to suffer due to the rise of insecurity that has resulted in many killings, attacks, and kidnaps. Waking to see another day's terms as success in my books as this is no longer guaranteed as insecurity is at its height. Going out and coming back home is a big win. That day should be termed a successful day, especially in a place police assault is a big issue, coupled with bandits, Fulani herders, and Boko haram.

Even the little things like completing a course should be termed a success. Learning and mastery of a skill should be seen as a success. Completely losing weight and burning that stubborn fat is a success. Not to forget that getting rid of that bad habit and addiction is a big win and should be celebrated as a success.

In closing, these little things count as a success too. It is not until you make your first 100 Million that you believe you have succeeded. Gaining a client and being in business is a success that should also be celebrated. So in the future, celebrate the small wins as you work harder for the big wins.

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There are many ways that people measure success, and what someone may regard as success may not be what the other person will regard as success.
I think that achieving of one's goal is success to them.

Excellent read buddy

Exactly. Hopefully, people will appreciate themselves even more.

As much as I have high hopes and dreams, I do not fail to celebrate my little wins, it is my own way of staying afloat whilst I dream of the big things to come.

You have done well by celebrating your small wins