Tips to stay focus on task

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Warren buffet once asked a room of seasoned and achieved people what they feel is essential to achieve a target. The people in that room were given a piece of paper to write what they felt was the answer, and everyone in the room wrote the same answer. What they all wrote is "Focus". This answer or reply from this top and accomplished group of people further outlines how important focus is.



In a world where talent and skill are being preached, it is understandable that focus will not be appreciated as much as both. However, despite how low Focus has been rated, its importance exceeds skills and talent. In a space where skills and talent fail, One being focused on that goal will make one achieve that goal regardless, whichever way they deem fit.

While skill and talents give one an edge, it is not the factor that decides if one will make it or not. Without focus, talent will be a waste as one will not know where and how to channel one energy. Focus makes the talent and skill work towards achieving a particular goal. Being focused makes one give anything towards the actualization of a dream. Being focused helps one clear out the noise and distractions.

For example, the Nigerian entertainment industry is filled with numerous talents, yet some artists stand out more than others. Discipline is embedded in the focus, and that's why the disciplined artist who has fought for the ladies' fame stays ahead in the industry. Being focused also makes the top artist avoid drugs and other components that might derail one from hitting the apex of their career.

Like I said, being focused makes one more dangerous than someone with talent. Talents might get one to the door, but being focused, get one through it. So, focus plays an essential role in one's journey towards success.

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