Depression is Real

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Linda (not her real name) has always been the favorite of everyone due to her excellent way of effortless way of entertaining families and the world at large. Her job as an actress made her famous and, of course, rich. She is always a happy soul due to her always featuring in the weekly shows on the screen across the country. She always plays her role to perfection as she makes people laugh and smiles during her performance. Due to how cheerful she was on screen, people thought she was happy until today when Linda passed away and learned that she was never truly happy for years as she battled depression.

After she passed away, it appeared that Linda had been struggling with depression. She has lost all her siblings (Three brothers and sisters) and her only daughter (two years ago). Everyone thought she was sane or had moved on as she continued gracing the screen weekly. Unknown to us, she was already deep in depression. When she posted a video on Instagram calling for help from colleagues and friends three months ago that she was depressed, everyone brushed it off as just a performance by an actress who is probably broke. Only if the world had paid attention to that video and reached out to her to comfort and make her feel better, no one knew she was just a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. This was someone's true life story.



I live in a country (Nigeria) where we believe that depression is just a mere world that affects the Whiteman only, and the Blackman skin is immune to it. Unknown to many, depression could be like a mental illness as it involves the state of mind. In that sense, depression applies to any race, sex, class, social status, and skin color, and also regardless of any profession. I, alongside many people, might believe that entertainers can never be depressed, but we could not be more wrong. When depression starts creeping in, many become addicted to drugs, pills, or alcohol and start having crises.

It is hard to know who is depressed as most depressed people do not speak out and hold it all in until they cannot, but it is always already too late at that period. Depressed people on most days are always the happiest people outdoor, but when indoors, they drop the act and crawl into their depression nest. One common trait of depressed people I noticed is that they tend to push people away during this state.

A common mistake we make is that when a depressed person pushes us away or becomes quite hard to relate with, people just let them be and leave them alone. This is a grave mistake from our side, as this is when a depressed person needs someone to talk to and pour out their feelings to. (I always believed that when a problem is discussed, it will automatically become lighter in one's heart)

Since it's hard to know who is depressed from who is not, I believe we should be better humans and show love and care to everyone we come across. The little love shown to someone may, in a way or two, make a depressed person happy and tend to kind out pull that person out of that depressed state. Let's be good human beings and talk softly to one another. Let's hit up our old friends and tight friends and talk to them. I know it is hard to reach out as everyone has one or two things they are battling in their personal lives. I feel it's a little sacrifice to pay to help keep someone alive.

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