A Christmas dream.

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A Christmas dream.

We are just a few days away from the Christmas holidays. As we all know, these are dates of family rejoicing where we always get together as a family to enjoy a nice dinner and watch the children enjoy their Christmas presents.

Last year I was not able to travel as I do every year, due to the pandemic. To visit our families, as we always make trips to spend Christmas or Christmas Eve with them for 3 or 4 days, first to Guárico and then to Ciudad Bolívar, then the following years we swapped trips. This is an example of what we do as a family, because in this city where I live with my wife and my two daughters, neither of us have any relatives.


In fact, it was not bad to stay for the first time in our home, the four of us, it was very nice and warm, we had a really good time. Now what are our plans for this Christmas that is already near, well this time I think the conditions are right for us to travel and God willing we will do it. What do we do to enjoy ourselves, we share Christmas dinner with the typical food of our country such as our Christmas dish: hallaca, pernil, ham bread, chicken salad, baked chicken or turkey, black cake or sweet milky cake, and we all sit down to eat.

It is common to exchange presents, on the morning of the 25th we wake up late and the children open their presents, and we continue to eat soup or parrilla which is roast meat for that day.


My Christmas dreams are to be able to hug my mother again and to be with my family, my brothers and nephews, to share with them their stories, their experiences, their jokes, to have dinner with them again and to enjoy the joy of being together. That is Christmas for me, family and sharing.


Then in that Christmas dream is also to be able to visit and share in my in-laws' house at the end of the year, where I am also immensely happy, it is a total happiness, because if my beloved wife is happy with her parents, brothers and nephews, then if she and my daughters are happy I will also be happy.

A Christmas dream can be many things for people, but without a doubt for me it is my happiness, my peace of mind knowing that my daughters and my wife are healthy, that we are together and that we have food on our table, and the same wish for our families. A Christmas dream is to know that I can come home and have a home to share my experiences.

A Christmas dream is to think that all my friends who are far away are well at home with their loved ones and that they can share with them this Christmas.

I hope that my Christmas dreams, which are great desires for good things, will be fulfilled, and my wife and I are working towards this, because we are realistic that this will not happen by itself, we have to put effort and effort into it, and this includes working to achieve it.

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Greetings friend @lanzjoseg this is a time of celebration and Venezuelans stand out because beyond the difficulties we always put the best face and enjoy with our families such memorable dates as Christmas.
Success in your work

We are gradually approaching Christmas again and I was just wondering when we started this year. Things are really fast and if you fail since the start of this year, you will definitely be regretting my now. I am glad Christmas is around the corner and it will be interesting to see that we enjoy it to the fullest.

hello @lanzjoseg,
it is very nice to spend Christmas with the family, after the pandemic the reunion of the family will be one of the best things, for Venezuelans the traditions are very important especially the Christmas dinner, I hope you can travel with your family.

Hello dear friend, I believe that your dream is the dream of many, that our families are united and full of health. I hope you have a nice Christmas with your loved ones and eat a lot of ham bread hahaha. Greetings.

Greetings my friend @lanzjose. I think that less mobility restrictions this year many of us feel the desire to travel and reunite with the family that is in another city, I hope all your wishes are fulfilled friend.

Greetings dear @lanzjoseg very touching your article that undoubtedly reflects that you immensely wish the best for your family, I identify with you in it, because I likewise wish the best for them, no matter the effort you have to implement. I truly wish from the bottom of my heart that your Christmas dreams come true and that you enjoy with your family. Blessings to your family !

See you later, have a great weekend.

Very nice dreams for Christmas, my friend @lanzjose, I congratulate you for such a beautiful family and I hope you can fulfill all the planned plans, these dates are for family closeness, enjoy and remember how beautiful life is, a hug.

I just hope that this Christmas can bring much happiness to many homes, despite all the bad things that have happened.

Greetings my friend and thank you for sharing this motivational post.

Alot of people could no travel to meet their families and relatives last year due to th Covid19 so just like you alot we be very happy to see, hug, share story and memories with their families. I wish your dream comes true, Christmas is really an interesting period to be happy and spend times with ones family and beloved.

Thanks much for sharing with everyone your Christmas dream hope all your dreams become reality cheers!

Hello @lanzjoseg, I remember that Christmas last year was not easy at all due to the lack of gasoline in some cities, the pandemic and the inability to travel, even so some families managed to reunite.
I hope that this year the families who are far away or separated can come together in this great family celebration, I think the most important thing is to celebrate life, these two years of pandemic that are about to be fulfilled have not been easy but there will always be a reason to celebrate.

There's no doubt that Christmas brings happiness to the soul, body, and spirit of a man. The joy of the salvation we get through christ automatically makes us rejoice with family and friends, and this gives us the ability to have fun, make ourselves happy and celebrate together in one accord

It's interesting to know that you would be traveling this year as you could not make it last year because of the pandemic. I wish you all a happy Christmas in advance. Much love from ckole

Hi @lanzjoseg That's what Christmas is about, the family reunion, sharing a dinner no matter if it is humble or not, the joy of the children with their gifts that is shared by the whole family, I hope in God that you can achieve your dream of reuniting with the whole family, since they are still in the country at least part of it, thanks for such nice and tender photos, greetings Merry Christmas and success.

Dear @lanzjoseg

We are just a few days away from the Christmas holidays.

Maybe not days, but weeks. Only few weeks away.

Thanks for sharing your dreams with all of us :)

In fact, it was not bad to stay for the first time in our home, the four of us, it was very nice and warm, we had a really good time.

It seem that you may repeat it this yea.r

Upcoming Christmas will surely be very strange and unpredictable. Especially since this new strain of Covid virus seem to be an excuse for most goverments to introduce strict lockdowns and enforce people to stay home. It's sad and miserable solution, which proved not to work till now. And it seem to be repeated again.

and God willing we will do it.

Are you very religious? I wonder how do manage to believe in God, while living in country which suffer so much. I would ask myself every single day: why is God so cruel to allow it all to happen. Where is his love and mercy?

I'm myself currently happily in Malaysia, where it's warm and cosy. I love experiencing snow for a day or two, but feeling cold longer than that is a BIG NO GO for me :)

did you ever experience snow in your lifetime?

Stay safe my friend,
Cheers, Piotr