The key to our success is in ourselves and in the people we care about.

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How are you all in the #Project-hope community and all of you are doing well.

Time goes on my friend and the days keep changing. think about what your dream is and do what you are good at. trying everything is mandatory, never stay at one point and we must also train ourselves to be able to control our thoughts for our success in the future.

The requirement in life is to have the spirit to overcome every problem that comes, continue to control our thinking power and take a positive direction when we are trying to solve every problem.


The key to success lies in ourselves and depends on how we type it. the journey of life is hard, it is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand to achieve that success and we must have a struggle in every second of the time we have and we must fight for it.

The conflict between ideals and thoughts must really be under our control. thoughts will always surround us when we are in trouble, so also at that time we must control our minds to remain calm and consistent with what we have set.

  • Let's reach our success now and for the future.

What are you all thinking right now, don't stop too long when you want to solve a problem. love your job and consider everything you are doing for your beloved family. love your family so you can remember the income you will get from your hard work.

The philosophy says, family is the lifeblood of a person and family is also a place where we can lean on when we are in trouble. The point is, remember your family when you want to quit and are desperate for the job you're fighting for.


  • The key to your success is in yourself and in the people you care about.

Look around us how they struggle, a scavenger eagerly walking in the hot sun and as if he did not feel the slightest heat. I've seen this incident, why a scavenger can be excited to find used goods and collect them little by little while walking in the hot sun. what are we thinking? the scavenger eagerly seeks sustenance to meet the needs of the family he cares about and whether we who have a little advantage over scavengers can only be silent and complain.

If everyone in this world has the same spirit as the scavenger, I believe we will all be successful and can help each other. every failure or problem that is born in our lives, consider all of it an encouragement for us and believe that we will be able to get through it.

A little enlightenment from me, I hope that all of us in the #Project-Hope community are always enthusiastic to develop this community together and believe that it will help us all to be more advanced.

Thank you for viewing and reading it.


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And that's why we must be very careful of what you did. I always say something that no matter how it is. One can not blame oneself when one fail and sometimes when one succeed, one can only thank himself

I think that's true, the point is everyone should strive for their own success and in the end they can benefit the people who are trying.

Time does not wait for anyone, it moves faster than we can ever think of control. Like you have rightly mentioned, we must think of a way to make every moment count by getting dedicated to those positive things ou hands find to do.

It's true what you said, time will not wait for anyone and for that we must make the best use of time. thank you for your best comment mate.

Hello @kurza!

Such an interesting article you shared here. I always believe those people who find problems and obstacles in their lives as a motivational reason to get up, work harder and harder for a better life for themselves and their family and people which might seem more important to many than themselves, are the people who deserve to get even better and shine in this world. Many people just get weak on the first obstacle and they usually end up letting their loved ones and the ones who rely on them down.

Thanks for sharing!