It's almost the end of the year!

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It is almost a month before Christmas 2021. Most people would have started planning for the holiday season if they have not done so already. When I lived in the UK, the month of December was always only about Christmas. However, in India New year has a greater significance than the 25th. The feeling of ending the year on a good note and hoping and planning for new beginnings is a common theme no matter what part of the world you live in.

2021 was a mixed bag for me. While my family, because of God's grace, escaped the second COVID wave, I lost my father on October 14th of this year. He was 72 and was free of most lifestyle diseases that affect people his age. He was physically fit for his age and I met him on the 11th and we went out as well. However, on the 14th I got the sad news of his demise and it left me shocked. No one in the family was expecting it and it was a tragic moment for the entire family. May his soul rest in peace.

Professionally, I took up new assignments that experienced bureaucratic delays, and hence financially they have not been rewarding so far. I decided to quit my agriculture start-up and run a different agriculture setup myself. After learning for nearly 1.5 years, I finally have done things mostly right during my current crop and hope to enjoy the rewards of that around Christmas.

What I have shared above are the most significant aspects of my life during this year. They will also impact my Christmas festivities. First and foremost, I plan to spend Christmas with my family - my mother, my wife, and her family ensuring that there is happiness all around. I will miss my father but I hope his blessings and teachings will always stay with me. He will surely be with us during Christmas through our memories. Second, I hope that I get good results for my professional efforts around Christmas and that my winter crop generates returns so that I can expand my business next year. I have significant plans for how I want to grow this business but it all rests on one profitable crop. I have been waiting eagerly to do that and I hope next year is the year when I get to do that. Hopefully, the part-time assignments I have taken will also bear fruit starting Christmas this year. I hope to be in a more secure place - both financially and personally.

I am happy that I am not working for someone else anymore. I have identified revenue streams by blogging, and part-time assignments to help me sustain while I establish my business and take it to decent heights. The economic situation in the country is worrying and while I was at a professional level where things like inflation and economic downturn would not have impacted my life to a great extent, there is a small possibility that I could have lost my job. With no plan B, I would have been stressed. However, from the time I became independent, I have ensured that I can cover my basic expenses. Sure a worsening economy can impact my part-time assignments and my financial condition, but I hope that by Christmas this year, I would be in a situation where multiple revenue streams can help de-risk me financially. It's like having a diverse investment portfolio so that sharp downturns do not impact you significantly.

What are your plans for Christmas? I know it is the time to be spent with family but it is also a time to reflect on the year gone by and plan for the future while enjoying the present! Would love to hear about your professional and personal goals in the comments below.


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hello @karamyog
Many lost a loved one, others lost their sources of income, but I think we have to be very thankful because this year also made us more aware of the value of family health and care for the environment. my goals for this Christmas are to be with my family, in terms of personal goals I hope this year to get closer to the financial freedom I desire.

I hope you achieve both your personal and family goals

It has been a great reading of your life, I am very sorry for the loss of your father, these are moments we all would like to forget, but they live with us, families will be reunited, Christmas is made by us, that family sharing, work, luck and learning will follow you as hope in living.
Merry Christmas

very well said, thanks, and Merry Christmas to you as well!

Hello @karamyog
I'm so sorry for your loss, always our people who are gone are going to be sorely missed. But, things happen and we can't wait or turn.back.time.
We have to take advantage of the time with those who are still around, because sooner or later they will cease to be, just like ourselves. Life goes by fast.
I think that all in all you had a great year, managing to become independent in the middle of a pandemic must not have been easy, but you did it. Congratulations.

Thanks. Yes, life has to go on in this world and one has to recover from a loss. I think my year could have been better but hopefully, this year will provide enough learning so that i can have a better 2022, unless this new covid variant creates havoc next year. Hopefully it doesn't.

Greetings @ karamyog
No doubt that this Christmas is to be with family and reconcile the loved ones that for some reason we are upset with them, I like you also lost my father but I'm sure he is very happy for your perseverance back to the field.

Thank you very much for sharing

I hope he is.

One thing that many people did not know is that christmas is not only for celebration. Just as you ave said it is the time for you to reflect ow and how the years goes and what one has been able to acheive and what one was not able to.

True, Christmas is a great time to appreciate the people in your life and understand how much support they give you to succeed in life

Greetings friend @karamyog are circumstances of life that we must learn to handle is strong to lose a loved one and his memory at this time of Christmas to be more latent, hence I invite you to be strong and continue fighting for what you long for. Greetings

Thanks for the kind words