A solid strategy if you are new to Splinterlands

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Daily Quest Update

My quest for today was to win battles with a sneak monster in the team. I completed the 5 battles fairly quickly to win an alchemy potion as my reward. I used a single strategy to win the battles. I will discuss that later.


The links to my battle are given below. It is important that you see these battles because I believe I have a strategy for those who are new to Splinterlands that can really help them get quickly to Bronze II and start earning Dark Energy Crystals. Most of the time I have seen users spending weeks before they get a hang of this game and get anywhere. Go through the battles before to see if you can identify what I am doing, else scroll down to the end of this post to read all about it.

Splinterlands Daily Quest - Snipe - Battle 1
Splinterlands Daily Quest - Snipe - Battle 2
Splinterlands Daily Quest - Snipe - Battle 3
Splinterlands Daily Quest - Snipe - Battle 4
Splinterlands Daily Quest - Snipe - Battle 5

It took me 12 battles to win the 5 games and complete the quest. My overall win rate was 50%. I think that is fairly good because even if one wins 50% of the games in their second week in Splinterlands, then consecutive winning can help them get bonus points to increase their rating points. Today was much better than yesterday's 33% success rate that I reported.

Card Pack purchases


As mentioned yesterday I bought 2 more Chaos Legion packs yesterday from my Splinterlands post rewards, to take my total to 7. I did not have any potions but I still opened the pack. I was quite intrigued by the message that popped up about me not having enough potions. So, I asked a friend of mine and got to learn that potions increase the probability of winning better cards. Therefore I am going to open new card packs after buying enough potions, before opening them.


I am now on 995 power. Rating wise I am at 462. Therefore I am just 5 power shy before I start earning DEC (Dark Energy Crystals). That is good progress for me, as I only started playing Splinterlands last week. I am not playing too many games right now, apart from Daily quests, as I want to get to Bronze II first by buying a pack.

Strategy for Beginners

What is the common point in the battles below (Hint: Look at the beginning of my deck and at the end)





The answer is these 3 cards -





These 3 cards have been fully responsible for me getting to Bronze II.

The beauty of the Drake of Arnak Dragon summoner is that it lets you play with your favorite Splinter and gives you that extra level of protection. I wish there were more such Summoners (especially one that helped reduce Melee attack by 1 - Maybe there are and further progress in the game will let me understand that).

The Cursed Windeku is a great card. It is not too mana expensive, has solid health, and has relatively good speed. Combined with Dragon summoner, it gets one extra level of protection against the strongest of Melee attacks.

The Life Sapper, if it does not get killed in the first round, then it is difficult to get rid of by the opponent team. Every hit to the enemy from this monster increases its health by 1. In most of my battles, this monster only sees its health increase.

The above 3 cards in a battle can be strategically placed to keep the entire deck's health above a reasonable level and win the battle slowly. A lot of other things also come into play but these 3 cards can play a major role in developing a winning strategy.

The counter to the above is a team that is magic attack heavy or one that monsters with "Opportunity" ability. That is because Life Sapper doesn't have great health to start with. Despite this, you can choose a team with 3 cards that is good enough to defeat many opponents.

Hope you liked the Strategy that I shared. Give it a try and see if it works for you. Let me know the feedback in the comments below.

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I will definitely have a look on this card and try to follow your step to get the bronze level soon.

Thank you so much for the guidance to the new comers.

It works really well. Let me know how it works for you.

@tipu curate