What to do with my Robinia Tokens?

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Hello Project Hope Community, I come with another post in which I want to show in a clear way how to operate in the RobiniaSwap exchange. I repeat that the same applies to any other DeFi system.

Well, a question that may arise in many of the current RobiniaSwap platform users is: what to do next with the RBS I earn?


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Well, at this point I must say that the project has a BIDbot system, which even though it is not active, it is expected to start working soon, so we could change the RBS earned by votes in favor of our publications in Steemit, thus integrating in another way with this platform, but hopefully this will be a reality to be able to use it, hopefully very soon.

On the other hand, and it is something you need to know, to be able to understand the other way to mine RBS tokens is the management of the platform's exchange.



We go to where it says Trade, to the left of the screen (image above), when we click on it we will see that two options are opened:

  • Exchange: to exchange our tokens, for example BNB for BUSD, or vice versa.
  • Liquidity: is the space we use to add liquidity in the system, that is to say, to join two cryptos, example: BNB and RBS, that we would have individually, and convert them into a token BNB RBS LP, and this is the way in which we could then make Stake and generate interest.

But in this Post I am going to focus on Exchange:

Here the operation is very similar to any exchange house like Binance, the difference is that we can not see the different prices of the token offered by buyers and sellers. Here it is direct, it is a smart contract that takes care of the process, practically.

In this case, to be able to add the Robinia Token we do the following process, we go to Trade, then Exchange, and it takes us to the following space, in which we will perform the following steps that are seen in order in the image below:



At (1) they should check that they understand the above notice, then (2) import, and subsequently they will immediately see that the RBS token has been added to the Exchange(3).


Let's move on to the next point. As you can see in the image below, we must choose in the back the token that we have and we want to change for another one(1). When we click on it we will see that it offers us the option to select. In my case I select BNB.

At the bottom we must do the same procedure, only in this case we will place the token that we want to acquire, in this case, I select BUSD. (2)



You can see that below it tells me the amount of BUSD I will receive for that amount of BNB I am exchangingI click on confirm (3).

As in all the process within the DeFi system it will ask us to confirm the transaction through Metamask (4). What we should do, simply, with an extremely low commission charge (0.12$).

This way we could exchange our RBS into BSteem, or vice versa. Or to a Stablecoin, or change BNB to RBS, whatever we wish to do.



To summarize, what seems to me could be the answers to the question What do I do now with my RBS tokens?, I have several options:

  • Keep the tokens to wait for the BIDbot to become active and be able to exchange for upvotes on Steemit.

  • Exchange them on the Exchange to a Stablecoin or another currency of your choice.

  • All the earned tokens can be exchanged on the Exchange to BSteem and continue to make Stake, to earn much more RBS each time.

  • Stake the RBS tokens, which is totally free, and in this way generate more RBS.

There are many things you could do with your earnings, everything will depend on your investment plan and obviously your confidence in the project. Particularly the RBS earned I put them in Stake in the RBS Pool, and continue generating tokens.

I hope I have been clear in this opportunity. This is not a Financial advice, you must analyze the market, establish your investment plan and take your position from your analysis.


I authorize the use of this banner to everyone who wants to do it.

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Greetings @josevas217, thanks for sharing such important information for all the members of this community, as always helping the collective, now I have a clearer vision of what to do.

I hope so, thanks for commenting.

Good point, it is important to know the different options we have to use our RBS. Thanks for sharing.

hello @josevas217,
as always this information is very interesting, I didn't know what to do with the tokens I won but now I will bet them to generate more tokens and if all goes well when they activate the bots I can redeem them for upvotes, it's a great strategy, thanks for the information.

Waiting to see what happens, because I have no idea when this Bot will be activated. But I have to wait.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

What a great and valuable tips @josevas217, And I also think that with all these investment possibilities this project will be a success.

Time will tell, we must wait and analyze all options. Thank you for your comments

Hello friend, excellent information, I think we have several options, and we can generate profits in several ways, passively by reinvesting our earned money. Thanks for the information as always at the right time.

These points you shared here are all important. I think I'll hodl my RBS for a while and see if the price will appreciate. Because I have faith that RBS tokens will become massive soon.
However, in the mean time, I'll be mining them. Though I think I will still stake the mined RBS to also generate passive income.

Thanks for sharing buddy

I am very grateful for sharing such important information about this system, that is an almost obligatory question that every person who has invested should ask himself, what do I do with the tokens earned, waiting for the bitbot to be active seems to me a good idea, the truth is that we have several options and that is very good.

I am not going to sell RBS tokens and will keep on staking all to earn apr which I think is a good way to accumulate more tokens. I expect that there will be more use cases of tokens which will bring more value to the project economy.

Yes, ultimately other usage possibilities is what could eventually have the most positive impact on price. Good strategy to accumulate. Thank you for commenting

Greetings dear friend, @josevas217, again other great material on the robinia platform, I already had the opportunity to bet on it, now the next step that corresponds to what to do with what I earned I already have it clearer with the options you are pointing out.

See you later brother, have a great weekend.

Yes, I tried to answer as broadly as possible, because for me it was a frequently asked question.

Greetings @josevas217, excellent you managed to clear many doubts with all the information you provide in this article, thank you for that really, I particularly managed to clarify the doubts I had according to the withdrawal of the RBS, the project is starting can bring many good things in the near future.

Thank you for commenting. I think that from here we have to start analyzing what to do. Regards

Greetings @ josevas217
An excellent explanation of the different alternatives we have to get our Robinia tokens and also the benefits that RobiniaSwap offers us.

Thank you very much for sharing.

Particularly the RBS earned I put them in Stake in the RBS Pool, and continue generating tokens.

This is what I'm also doing. Hopefully, RBS will hold some increasing value in the future

Doing so with the long term in mind is a good way to go. Thank you for commenting

Hi thanks much for your effort put to support users figure out how to exchange their RBS token, a well explained article.

Buena informacion bro... solo que si quiero cambiar RBS por BSTEEM no me da la opcion de BSTEEM... hago algo mal o simpremente no se puede

Tienes razón, hay un detalle con la compra de Bsteem. No sé porqué.

entonces no se puede comprar por ahora bsteem?

Por lo que veo, no. Pero puedes hacer Stake de Robina token. Igualmente en el Pool.

Thanks @josevas217 for all those updates about RobiniaSwap

Many of us would surely be lost here without your help and guidance

Resteemed already
Cheers, Piotr

It is a pleasure for me to help clarify doubts, as far as possible. Best regards.

Hi @josevas217 thank you for sharign this solid information with us. I think the bid bot system is gonna be a very good for everyone and it is also more profitable. Steeamians will definitely choose this option. There are lot to come in this exchange and i am looking forward to see more interesting features. keep sharing.

@tipu curate 2

Thank you for support

Dear friend @josevas217

so we could change the RBS earned by votes in favor of our publications in Steemit

It is a wonder these people have my full attention, this type of news makes me iterate and I am going to buy more robinia token, it seems like a great investment opportunity

regards and god bless you

Hello @josevas217!

You've actually answered all my questions before I even ask them, I just think of them and that's really amazing. I would like to say I guess it would be the best to harvest the RBS and re-stack them which will grant the highest profit since it's still at its first days and that's something nobody want to miss I guess.

Thanks again for sharing!

There are those who are investing in other things, or increasing their stake in bsteem. There are many options.

This was so useful! Please check out my page too if you are interested in crypto and finance

Thank you very much for the super detailed explanation of the investment process in RBS certainly seems to be a good financial option, I am very interested in its usefulness in the Steem platform would be really productive and very convenient for those of us who make life in each of the communities to have the possibility that provides the RBS token to become a backup of our votes. Thanks as always for your good advice.