Reinvesting our profits in RobiniaSwap

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Hello Project Hope and Steem community, I'm sure you are currently enjoying your earnings from the RobiniaSwap project. I know that it has been quite a learning process and challenge for some of you as it was a little complicated. However, I must say that I am very pleased to know that I have been able to collaborate in some way with the facilitating process of your investment through my publications.

I will now share an opportunity for you all through a short and precise post in which I will easily explain how to Stake your profits while generating even more profit. The price of RBS Token has decreased but that should not discourage us. It is normal that at the beginning of a certain project, prices of their tokens do go up and then back down again. One thing to keep in mind is the consistency of the current price, the future increase will then depend on the confidence we have towards the project.

How do you demonstrate confidence in a project like this one? By not getting rid of our profits, keeping them and making them grow. In this post you will learn how to reinvest your earnings in RBS Pool.




To reinvest our earnings and earn even more, it is very easy when entering RobiniaSwap Just do the following:

  • 1: go to "Pool" section.
  • 2: Search for Bsteem (if that is the token we have in Stake) and click on Harvest, to claim our rewards.
  • 3: As in each of the operations we do, we will be asked for confirmation through the Metamask Wallet. Click on Confirm and that's it.
  • 4: We have claimed our RBS tokens, which will be reflected in our Wallet.



After claiming, we go right there in "Pool" section to look to stake claimed tokens and mint RBS tokens.

  • 1: We click on "Approve contract ", to enable the option, we will see the option to "Confirm" in Metamask, what we must do.
  • 2: after approving the contract, it gives the option to make Stake, we click there.
  • 3: We must select the maximum amount, or what we want to stake. And then we confirm.
  • 4: Confirm with Metamask Wallet.
  • 5: Ready, our winnings will be producing more profit.


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And keep earning, it's as simple as that. I am particulary interested in reinvesting my earnings in FARM. The process over there is similar, however, you have to do something that is the unification of two tokens, a process that is done in liquidity, and I know it can be a little confusing, but do not worry, in my next post I will explain it step by step.

Thanks for the support.

Good week.

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Thanks for the tutorial. I just made stake of the RBS. I will do this for now. We will continue to learn about the subject and the Robinia project.

Greetings @ josevas217
No doubt that this RobiniaSwap project is very interesting and offers us several alternatives to generate some resources with the diversity presented. It is but that it can be consolidated very quickly to benefit us all.
Thanks for sharing your experience

I am also looking forward to it. I really hope so.

It a good thing to reinvest any profits we make in any investment or platform it is through this means our investment can increased and we can become stable at the end the profit we will make with this huge capital we are able to gather will surprise us and it will be more profitable that spending the little profit we are making. Another thing is that if we gather the profit to a reasonable amount we can use it to invest in another business which will make our stream of income increase.

As in everything, it is a matter of being organized and patient.

Hi @josevas217
Excellent post, thank you for sharing.
My best wishes and regards.

Than you

I would like to thank you for sharing everything regarding RobiniaSwap, which was helpful for many of us.

I totally agree on the idea of harvesting what we get from Bsteem or whatever we are stacking and then stack them again in RobiniaSwap since it has no deposit fees too, that's really an encouragement too. I already did that and I will keep doing it since I guess it is the most beneficial way now.

By the way, I guess you've made a post about everything, but what about unstacking, is there any information about it? A different process other than pressing on (-) button, or if it will take time maybe.

Appreciate your hard work!

Good Question. I have not made post about it, but yes, as in the whole process, basically to withdraw the earnings what you have to do is click on -, then say what amount we want to withdraw, and confirm with the metamask Wallet, as it is done in everything.
I had not thought about it, thanks for the idea.

@tipu curate 5

hello I am interested in this project. where do I start to earn this token?

Hello @nurseanne84
In the following post you can have a guide from start to finish on how to get started on this project. You should spend time to see the links, but I practically explain the whole process in detail.

dear friend @josevas217

This is amazing dear friend, right now I am going to robinia and I do this, I have a great idea from you, we go with everything with this staking of robinia