It is better to focus on what has been gained and not on what has been lost - Reflection

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Hello community, I want to make a publication that I have been thinking about for some time, and just yesterday I was talking about it with @crypto.piotr, and is that every project has its difficult moments and others not so much. But it's about looking for the positive in everything, in each one of us in order to keep moving forward, but with the difference that we should always come out stronger from the different situations we face. I would hope not to write so much, but I'm afraid this will not be one of those short and to the point messages.

Last year part of the Project Hope team and the regular users of the community turned to a learning path that required a lot of work, effort, time dedicated to learning something new for many as it was the Decentralized Finance System (DeFi), at that time in the RobiniaSwap project, of which we already have updated news of its changes...

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But yes, it is true, for many the changes turned out to be not at all pleasant, there was expenditure of time, resources that some of us will not recover, but, I must emphasize something interesting and truly transcendental in this process, we are no longer at the level of knowledge the same as we were 5 months ago. I remember that I was able to guide many people, and I did it with pleasure, and I know that these same people can already manage very well in other DeFi systems, in the end all of them are similar...

When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give space for the right things to be achieved...

So, this has been a great advantage, we have a community with users who already know how to use Metamask Wallet, for example, they know how to configure different networks in it, they know how to connect it to different platforms, and if they know how to use Metamask it will be much easier for them to use other similar (TrustWallet, MathWallet, TokenPocket, WalletConnect, Binance Chain Wallet, SafePal Wallet ).... Isn't this a big plus point to be highlighted in this whole process?

We have been able to establish closer contact with the users, almost all of us who make life in Project Hope in one way or another have been in contact, which makes us closer and in a way we can provide support more quickly, in case we need it.



I know very well that being in this and similar platforms, the economic component is important, it means an income, I have it very clear, but in the same way I can not fail to highlight these points that I have mentioned so far, because I consider extremely important what is the training process, because acquiring new knowledge will always take us beyond where we are, to take firmer steps each time and with a view to expand.

I know very well that there is some discomfort for certain unfortunate events in some past investment, but I believe that in effect, the DeFi system, as well as all investments have their level of risk, and if we lose, we must focus on getting the best learning from that, to try not to fall into the same....

I say goodbye, but not before saying that as a community we have grown, and I am not referring to the fact that there are more subscribers, but to the fact that we have learned.

I authorize the use of this banner to everyone who wants to do it.

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Dear @josevas217

It has been a very pleasent and quite inspiring read. Resteemed and upvoted already :)

we are no longer at the level of knowledge the same as we were 5 months ago

Indeed. it's a great learning experience.

Just few months ago I hardly knew what DeFi is about. Terms like liquidity pool, APY, impairment loss, metamask, tronlink wallet were absolutely new to me. I've also learned about BCC (binance chain chain network) and a bit about TRON blockchain.

I didn't understand a bit how DeFi tokeneconomics works. And right now, my knowledge in that area is so much greater. Far superiod. And to make things even better -> right now we've created a team, which is even more well organized and educated than ever.
After all, most PH members also didn't have any much idea about DeFi and those mentioned terms were also something very new to them.

So as an entire community -> we've come out with greater knowledge. One that can serve us well in the future.

Yours, Piotr

Totally agree, it's a win-win, and it impacts the community in a positive way. I'm sure something very good will come out of all this.

Greetings @josevas217 💕❤️

This is really worth reflecting and pondering upon. There are times I do feel sad and sometimes do have this form of regret about certain things I lost but I'm still more optimistic about the future and this is why I'm always more focused on what is about to be gained.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕❤️

Greetings my friend @josevas217

You are absolutely right, it is not necessary to wear ourselves out and cry about everything we have lost, what is important is what we have in our hands, the most important thing is to keep our self esteem high and to be able to move forward.

Very good reflection thanks for sharing with us these experiences.

Greetings and thank you for sharing your article.

We could waste time on that, there are those who choose to regret a lifetime for something that happened long ago, but I prefer to look at it another way. And move forward.

Why will somebody with his right senses focus on what he/she has lost, there is no need for that. All you need to do is to focus on what is ahead, there is no need fighting about the past.

Yes, it really makes no sense to waste energy on what we can no longer recover, focus on what we have gained and move forward.

hello @josevas217,
Personally I believe that our community is getting stronger every day, learning how to use the different tools allows us to be better. Losses in some investments is inevitable, but if we can get a positive experience the loss will not be so big, on the contrary having more knowledge to avoid future losses will help us to be better and stronger in our community of project hope

This is a very nice reflection. Of a truth, we should always focus on the gains and on the bright side of life instead of the areas of losses.

Thanks for sharing this amazing piece buddy

Don't waste time on what is no longer worthwhile, that's right.

Greetings dear @josevas217, I do not come with the intention of being a sycophant, but I particularly think that projecthope has given us many tools and alternatives to be able to grow within the world of cryptos, For example I know of people who managed to educate themselves as your well mentioned in your article with the use of wallets, it was also an investment opportunity, despite being a novice in this world crypto I know that every investment means a risk so I go very cautiously. Unfortunately the robinia swap was a setback, but I am sure that if it had been a success and I had not entered, at this time I would be sorry, Of the things that does not benefit us we must always draw the positive aspects that in this case is learning.

So long, you get a great start to the week.

Very well said there is no need to reflect on past failure focus on what's next and keep improving your portfolio.

Sure within the short time i have learnt a lot about DeFi system thanks to multiple publication i've come across from various authors.

That is, to find a way to diversify our portfolio, it is necessary to do so, to avoid wasting time. I have also learned a lot from other authors.

Greetings @josevas217,

When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give space for the right things to be achieved.

What a pleasant sentence you have quoted, it describes all at once

we are no longer at the level of knowledge the same as we were 5 months ago

Certainly, Now our community members are more intelligent and educated than before in defi and different wallets

Thank you so much for sharing
Excellent reader : )

That's the point to note here, we are no longer the same, and we should be less likely to fall into similar things.

Hi @josevas217 greetings in many occasions in this type of platform the learning is dismissed as a gain obtained, I know and feel that the economic like you weigh in the current economy, I have also suffered the onslaught without being in the project of which you speak, however I rescue that position of taking the positive from what is apparently negative that is an attitude and a virtue that should be practiced when pursuing success, besides being responsible not many communities enjoy that attitude, to recognize, good reflection, much success.

Look for the positive, that's what we should focus on, we have learned, that counts too,

Hello my friend, you are right, it is not necessary to spend energy focusing on the lost, certainly the economic factor is an important aspect in this world, but the learning also has to be valued, we have already learned a lot from the DeFi ecosystem through this experience.

That is what we must rescue, we have learned. That is the important thing.

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Thak you for your support.

Amigo creo que tienes mucha razón, y desde mi perspectiva, considero que las experiencias negativas a veces te dejan más aprendizajes que las positivas, sobre todo si estas tienen que ver con algún tipo de perdida. Al final, la experiencia vivida te hace más sabio y cauteloso, en este caso particular parece haber dejado cierto conocimiento y eso en si ya es mucha ganancia.

#affable #venezuela

Well said @josevas217. It is an unpleasant event but yet we have grown as a community. In every bad situations/events, we should always look out for some positives/advantages and that's only when we are truly learning.

Great article @josevas217

Yes, whenever we invest we can lose, it is a reality, and the causes of that loss can be so diverse that we might not even see them coming. But we can also learn from that.

Hola @josevas217!

Tienes mucha razón, es una excelente reflexión la que has compartido con todos. Lo importante es dejar lo negativo atrás y seguir adelante con optimismo, inteligencia, trabajo duro y honestidad.
Que Dios te bendiga y gracias por esas palabras...

Saludos desde el país de al lado!

#onepercent #venezuela #affable