Venezuela 2020 – Hope or even worse?

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Lately there are not many news from Venezuela in western papers. Does it mean that the situation is better now? On the contrary, when I read the posts of my Venezuelan friends, it seems that there is no silver lining at the horizon. The inflation is terrible and people suffer from lack of food, lack of medicine, insecurity or electricity cuts...

A good illustration of life in Venezuela at the moment is given by @hlezama in his post about how retired people have to cue for hours to get their pension, which is not even enough to buy 1 Kg of apples...

What are the hopes for Venezuela in 2020

Some may say that things can only get better but it seems difficult to imagine what could bring about such a development. The corrupt government doesn't seem to care about its people. The opposition is quiet and the economy is still completely broken. The local currency is almost unusable and everything is sold for dollars. Knowing that it is almost impossible for Venezuelans to get these dollars. We can only wonder how they survive.

How steem and crypto can be helpful

Steem and other cryptocurrencies are a real way for Venezuelans to have money that can purchase stuff. Thanks to the exchange orinoco. Venezuelans can exchange Steem or BTC into a local currency with which they can purchase food and other merchandise. Thanks to this external income, some authors on steem manage to help also the people around them. Like @fucho80 who built a project that distributes food to the people most in need in the neighbourhood.

For others like @hendersonp, steem helped him to finance his flight from the country. He lives now in Brasil where he tries to build a new life with his wife.

By helping the people from Venezuela on steem, we can contribute to make their lives and also the lives of the people around them a little bit better.

What is the program @help.venezuela

At christmas 2018, I (@achim03) have created the program @help.venezuela. The idea was to provide to some selected authors from Venezuela a little additional revenue when they post on the steem blockchain. I wanted to be able to help them on a daily basis and that is why I created this program. For these few authors, all their posts would be upvoted by a powerful vote from the account @help.venezuela. The authors were selected according to three factors:
they must be Venezuelans
they must be on steem for several months
they must write quality posts

Unfortunately because of the price of steem, the upvotes lost a bit of their power over time but I believe still that it could make a little difference in their lives.

Here the number of upvotes that have been given throughout the year:

AuthorNumber of votes


There are currently 31 authors from Venezuela in this program. The number of upvotes that they received depends on the time they were taken into the program and also on the amount of posts that they have written.

A big thanks to the delegators of the program

The program has evolved also thanks to the precious aid of some people that have delegated to @help.venezuela:

DelegatorsSteem Power

How powerful was the upvote by @help.venezuela during this year?

At the beginning, the program has started with 750 SP but soon some people delegated additional SP to the program. Thanks to the help of the community, @help.venezuela won a price and a 1 year delegation of 1000 SP. This contest also allowed the program to be better known and we got additional delegations. At the peak the Steem Power at the disposal of the program was around 8000 SP. This gave quite meaningful upvotes. After the hard fork and with lower prices, the program not only saw its voting power diminished, we also lost some important delegations because people powered down. At the end of the year the SP at the disposition of @help.venezuela was 5300. At 100% voting power, this gives an upvote value of around 0.04 Usd.

How will the program evolve?

After the hard fork, the curation rewards became more significant and 100% of these rewards were powered up so that the Steem Power of the account itself has grown constantly to reach 1930 Steem Power by the end of 2019. To face the loss in delegations, I delegated 750 SP to @help.venezuela. We start the year now with 6'126 Steem Power to upvote the posts of the Venezuelan authors.

Do you also want to support the people in Venezuela?

If yes then you can simply follow the curation trail of @help.venezuela on steemauto.

Happy new year to all of you !

by @achim03

P.S: 20% of the payout of this post goes to the account @ph-fund. Ph-fund is part of project.hope. Among many other things, project.hope employs several people from Venezuela and pays them monthly in steem!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Pues a darle mucho apoyo para que la fundación tenga un buen aporte para sus programas, agradecida @help.venezuela con su apoyo tan constante durante todo este año y los que siguen, siempre presentes.
Quiero desearles feliz año nuevo 2020 a todo el equipo, persona muy trabajadoras, con un buen corazón, siempre apoyándose.
426 gracias de amor retribuidos

Well, a great support for the foundation has a good contribution to its programs, grateful @help.venezuela with its constant support throughout the year and those who remain, always present.
I want to wish a happy new year 2020 to the whole team, a hardworking person, with a good heart, always supporting each other.

426 love thanks paid

@lanzjoseg, @achim03, @help.venezuela, @crypto.piotr, @hlezama, @mariusfebruary, @majes.tytyty, @yonnathang, @fucho80, @nachomolina, @reinaldoverdu, @topfivefamily y a todos los que hacen posible este espacio. Gracias. Thanks.

Thank you for your kind comment. I wish you all the best for the coming year and hope that your country will see happier days.

Best regards,

We all hope that the country will improve, grateful for that support. @achim03

Dear @achim03 and @help.venezuela

On behalf of all the people whom you help in some way indirectly, by supporting all of us.

For those reasons, thank you for all your support.

I hope you can have a next year full of great health and prosperity.

I send you a big fraternal hug

Thank you very much @lanzjoseg. I wish you a happy 2020. Continue with your dedication here on steem and hopefully the coming year will provide a turn in your countries struggles.

Best regards

I wish a happy new year to Venezuelan people! May the upcoming year solve their problems.

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Thanks a lot for your comment and your support to the program. A happy new year to you too!

Best regards,

Thank you! Have a great time ahead!


Happy New Year 2020.

Thank you! Same to you!

Thank you very much Mr. @achim03. Your support and recognition fills us with much motivation to continue with this daily struggle.

It is good to know that there are people with the intention of helping and collaborating to improve the lives of others.

I send you my greetings and wish that this year 2020 will be a year of great prosperity for you.

Thank you very much for your comment. I send you all my blessings for a happy new year!

Best regards,

Thanks for all the support, the help may seem little to those who do not need it and perhaps even those who give it do not feel that they are doing much, but for those who need it it is something very big and makes important differences.

Have a Happy New Year 2020!


Thank you very much for your comment. A happy new year to you too!

Best regards

Immensely grateful for your support @achim03 and all the great @help.venezuela family. :)

¡Happy 20/20 everyone!

Hi my friend,
Thank you very much for your kind comment. I wish you a nice new year!

Best regards,

Dear friend @achim03.

Venezuela 2020 - Hope or even worse?

Although it sounds contradictory, in Venezuela 2020 although everything will get worse, there will also be hope.
Venezuelans never give up.
Unfortunately as long as there is no change of government, economic and social conditions will not improve.

In Steemit there are many Venezuelans who have found a way to obtain an extra income that allows to solve specific economic matters of our life. But it has also become an escape route and often a therapeutic treatment that helps reduce stress levels and tidy up our ideas as we write or enjoy an excellent article.

At christmas 2019, I (@ achim03) have created the program @ help.venezuela.

I'm sure you meant 2018.

Your project is very valuable. I once felt great displeasure when you were subjected to harsh criticism by the people of OCDB.

Keep going. We who know the true work of @ help.venezuela believe in you and your project.

Your friend, Juan

Dear @juanmolina,
Thank you so much for your comment... and for pointing out my date mix up ;-). I've corrected that.

I believe in Venezuela and its people. You show an amazing resilience towards the odds. I sincerely hope that 2020 will bring an improvement to your country and to your lives.

Best wishes

Thank you very much dear friend.
Keep working.

Today, I revised my delegation to @help.venezuela. Not it is 100 SP from earlier 50 SP delegtion. I hope it may help a little further.

Thank you very much for your great support! Every additional SP increases the upvotes that the authors from Venezuela get.

Best regards,

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