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Everyone!!! I hope you are having a great time over there? It's really nice to see you visit my blog today and I must say I'm really happy to have a great personality like you visiting my blog today 😊. Thank you once again 💕

I actually stumbled upon a new project with good prospect when I was exploring my twitter feed and this crypto project is known as Loop Finance. I got a pop up notification message from twitter about this project and I also noticed I got an email from the team. The fact is that I was extremely astonished about the email message because I didn't subscribe or sign up for any project with the name Loop Finance. This really made me curious and I had to make some personal research about what the crypto project is all about. The results I got from the little research I conducted on the project got me extremely surprised because Loop Finance happens to be a rebrand of

I'm quite sure some of you might have heard of which was built on EOS. The main objective of the platform back then was just for users to earn trybe tokens whenever users create content on the platform just like you do earn steem or hive whenever you create content on Steemit or Hive. I actually decided to clear my curiousity by inputting and I noticed my browser was redirected to Loop Finance. I also contacted the team involved in the project and they made me realize that they've migrated from EOS blockchain to Terra blockchain with some great new features included. I think it's best if I make a brief review on Loop Finance to make you understand the essence of the project.

Brief Review About Loop Finance


As I stated earlier, Loop Finance is a new rebrand platform of TRYBE (EOS) where users earn tokens for creating content. Since the project has now migrated to Terra, this implies that content creators will now start earning Loopr tokens whenever they create content on Loop Finance community and you also earn free tokens whenever you get upvoted from other users either by commenting (engagement) or creating good contents and this is why Loop Finance is the first ever social media platform created on Terra Blockchain.

The good news for old users from TRYBE is that the developers converted all TRYBE tokens held by users into LOOPR tokens. This simply implies than you really don't need to create a new account on Loop Finance, if you were an old user on TRYBE. If you have 10,000 TRYBE tokens previously in your TRYBE wallet, you will automatically receive 10,000 LOOPR tokens in your Loop Finance wallet. You can read more about the conversion process and airdrop for trybe users here

Other Great Features About Loop Finance


Apart from earning yourself free tokens as a content creator on Loop Financethere are also other amazing things you can do on Loop Finance. The great news is that Loop Finance has some exciting features on their wallet (Loop wallet) and Exchange (AMM DEX). I suggest you grab some delicious pop corn and cold juice to digest this content as I share with you some other great features of Loop Finance.



Swapping simply means converting or exchanging one coin for another coin instantly just like the way it's been done on Uniswap or pancakeswap. The interesting news is that Loop wallet will enable users to engaging in swapping transaction easily without no stress at a very cheap/affordable rate and users earn loop rewards for every transaction as a means of incentives for Loop wallet users 😊.



Another lovely feature I love about Loop Finance is than you have the opportunity to earn more loop tokens whenever you stake or farm your Loop tokens on Loop Wallet. The ROI is really worth it and I must say I'm really anticipating to staking my LOOP tokens and I can't really wait to engage more in farming as a Defi farmer to earn more loop tokens 😊.



This is really my best part because I love shopping a lot 😊. The interesting news is that Loop wallet will also enable users to shop online easily at their comfort zone. The payment will be done on the app and the goods will be bought and delivered via the app. This is equivalent to the statement of Tom Norwood (LOOP CEO) who stated that "Our plan all along has been to build a non-custodial crypto wallet into the app, allowing users to spend their cryptocurrencies directly with merchants". This connotes that cryptocurrency will be used as a medium of payment between users and merchants. I recall can't wait for this to start happening.


images - 2021-09-04T104303.551.jpeg

As seen from the image above, the total or available supply of LOOP tokens one billion(1,000 000,000). The 1 billion LOOP tokens will be divided by sharing 5% of the LOOP tokens for airdrop, 15% for private sale, 15% for core team members, 25% for Liquidity Mining Fund (LMF), 20% for partnerships, 25% for community fund, 10% for treasury and the remaining 10% will be used for charity (Loop charitable fund).

How to Earn Loop Tokens for Free


I'm quite sure you might probably be thinking about how you can own some part of LOOP tokens. The truth is that you are really very lucky to be reading this part of the post because I'll be explaining some simple means to earn free loop tokens.



There's an ongoing contest on twitter which you can also take part in less than 24 hours from now. You can click here to take part in the twitter airdrop.



Another option is to visit Loop Finance to start creating content and start engaging with users post to earn yourself free LOOP tokens.



The last option is to stay updated with their social media platforms such as twitter and telegram. You can also see ongoing airdrops and contents via Loop Finance banner ads which can be found on the website.


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Special thanks to @crypto.piotr (Founder) and the team.

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