Your Financial Life Comes First

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I'm not going to sugar coat it, and say that your personal life comes first - because that's just not true. Just imagine with me for one second a person that cannot provide financial support to his/her family at a time when it's needed. Such a person isn't making themselves really useful to the family.

Assuming you have a family of your own, and you have two options - One is to stay with them always and not be financially useful to them, all they enjoy from you is your presence, and the lack of not been able to get them what they want. Two, you only create time after perhaps two weeks to see them and spend time with them. But you provide for every bit of their financial needs.

Most reasonable people will prefer to spending time away from the family and personal life, but be very useful financially. That tells us that your financial life you must always put first. If you are a young businessman, do not trade time you should use to improve your financial life, for some youthful exuberance.

In the end, family and friends will probably get tired of you, if you're not living up to your financial responsibilities. Some businessmen get very sentimental, and sacrifice time for business for personal life, only to suffer the consequences later. Because you need finances to be happy and make your family and friends happy too. So it comes first.


We almost have to buy everything we consume in modern life. Perhaps, years ago you may have farm lands of your own, but now having finance is more critical than ever. I'm sharing this with you, so that if you're ever in a position where your personal life is really hurting your finances, you have to make the better choice. Right from ancient times, we've seen it that the wealthiest men are almost always not around - they're off to do business somewhere. It's a painful sacrifice.

But the good thing is that if you're able to work hard and smart enough early on, you'll secure your finances - to support both yourself and your family and friends. Then, and only then, should you relax a bit. If it was that easy to become a successful business person there will be many out there. Also note that, in as much as depends on you create time for family and friends - but if you're in a situation where you don't have enough time to satisfy both sides, ensure your finances come first as a businessman.

Thanks for reading. If you have any contribution, kindly drop it in the comment section below. Bye for now!!!


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Hi @greatideas

Here I differ a little, because although you need finances to be happy and make your family and friends happy, not everything is money, therefore, there are situations that even having money we are unhappy, I think we should pay attention to little things in life that also make us happy.

Best regards, be well.

I agree with you that money isn't everything. Money cannot guarantee happiness, neither can the lack of it. But the thing is that in our current world, money is more needed than in time past - when there were more farmlands for families to depend on.

Nowadays, we buy almost everything we consume, with money. Hence, it's harder to be happy or make people around you happy without money. Although money isn't everything, it's very useful. Thanks for commenting.

Hello friend, it is an advice that does not escape from reality because money can solve everything, but love for the family is something priceless, at this point I believe that there must be a balance for it, we must become excellent leaders and planners of our time to generate money that allows us to meet the needs of the family nucleus without there being an affective vacuum with our families.

See you later brother, excellent article that allows us to share different points of view. Have a great week.

It's really hard to maintain a balance, when an entrepreneur is young, vibrant and starting out, but it's important to make efforts to hold a balance. Thanks for commenting.