We Underestimate Our Strength

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Have you ever taken the time to imagine yourself at your very best? Assuming that you made all the best decisions you could make, and put in all the right efforts in the right places; can you visualize how beautiful your life would be. Most people can't even imagine themselves at their best. Even that imagination is underestimated.

We're are usually capable of much more than we think. When you think that you can run a 400m, usually you can surpass that distance even as much as 10x, if there's so much at stake. And that brings us to my question - In your life, what is at stake? What do you fear so much that you can out do your greatest imagination?

Basically, the top athletes and great businessmen and great artists, are people who have greater believe in themselves. And they feel like a lot is at stake, hence they have to be on their 'A' game every time. When you're fueled by something. That thing gives you the strength to go beyond where others quit.


For some people, the fear of lack, is what pushes them to work hard every single day. Never wanting to experience lack and suffering as a result of inadequate funds. For most people who place their stake or value on money - it gets to a point, where they've made enough money to last them a long time. Hence, without the fear of lack, their fire stops burning to make more.

And that's why you have to find something that wouldn't fade with time and success, to make as your fuel for doing what you do. If we look at the lives of the greatest men around us, we see them still thriving everyday, even with all their achievements and success, and that's because their goals are greater than we can imagine. It's until you set a high goal for yourself, or make a high stake for yourself, that your full strength will come to light.

Thanks for reading. If you have any contribution, drop it in the comment section below. Bye for now!!!


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I must admit that I am in love with this post. This post just showed me that if you want to go far in life you have to set up a very big goal of something so valuable that you cannot deal without. Immediately you set this up you will see this acting as the energy that will sees you pushing or trying all the time. When you keep doing this you will see your self achieving that set goals eventually.

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Hi friend @greatideas, I agree with what you mention in your writing, sometimes we live dissatisfied with what we have despite having great skills, but those skills must be associated with our self-esteem to achieve success, because if we live to underestimate ourselves we will never take that big step to reach our goals.

Great article, thanks for sharing it, have a great week.

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