There's Always Risk In Business

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If you're looking for ways to make good profits from any business without risk, then I think that you should relocate to a different planet. Because if there's anything that we're sure about is that in this planet of ours - it's a give and take. There's always of form of balance to everything. And that includes how risk and making profits are closely related.

The way it works is the greater your risks, the bigger your returns from such a business and vice versa. There's hardly ever risk small, huge gain. Although, there is that possibility of risking small and gaining big , but it's so slim. The norm is you put in huge chunk of capital into an investment, you stand a chance of making huge sum of profits as well.

The only problem with going big on business ideas or investments is the fact that it make go against you. And if it does, the person that went heavy on it, will be the top loser. But then, the old say remains ever green - no risk no gain. Basically everything we do is risk, from moving from one location to another, to doing almost anything. There's always a risk.

For those people who are always looking for low risk investment or even those ones in which you risk nothing. It may become harder to make it to the highly successful class of businessmen. What you should be actually doing is reducing your risks, but not necessarily going small on investments.


Some business people think that when you go small on investments that you're reducing your risk. But if you go small on many poor investments, you'll still end up losing big. That approach will not allow you make good profits. A better approach is doing thorough research on the investment, learning all that you should know, about the team behind it, and the odds of success.

If the odds are greatly in your favor - you have to take the risk, and moderately big. You don't want to be going small on investments - yielding small returns, you'll be barely moving around a small circle. Instead, put a large portion of your eggs in one good basket, rather than spread them across small baskets. But it's advisable that you don't put all your eggs in one basket. You may put in a solid amount, but not all.

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Hello @greatideas!
Certainly any business has its risks, the important thing is to assume them making a previous analysis of the pros and cons that are associated, it is not to do them lightly and take risks sometimes unnecessary. And as you say, you should not risk everything in a single business. Thanks for sharing, greetings!

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I liked the part about moving to another planet, but it is true that business is full of risks, fears, uncertainties, but also a good planning, strategies and discipline because we have a large percentage full of great expectations.
Thank you for this work

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Greetings my friend. No doubt this world works like that, the people who take more risk get better profits than the cautious ones who take little risk. Sometimes trying not to take risks is also dangerous, because small investments of little risk will not allow to advance much. The best thing to do is to try to minimize the risks with a good market research.

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Without risk you cannot do anything if it is business or trading or any other market. You need to do all your research before doing in business if you have good paper work you will definitely win and make profit.

A bad plan is always a bad debt on the business. So plan accordingly and do business.

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There is no good business without risk and to make good profit you must be ready to always take risk.

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Good to see and its very help ful before starting any business .
Thanks and keep post like that

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