Taking The Initiative

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There are many people who just wait for life to happen to them. And there are other people who happen to life. Most people don't understand that basically this life is about cause and effect. If you don't make the positive move, hardly would things change for the positive. You really have to make the effort.

Some people are just too lay back in life and business. This kind of attitude can hardly take anyone anywhere, because the fact is that we live in a world where - if you want something you've got to go for it. Waiting for good things to come to you is like sitting down and waiting for your food to cook itself.

If you want to have a good meal, a lot of efforts go into it. And you have to take it step by step, if not you risk cooking a complete error of a meal. And you can't be crying out that you're hungry, and yet you're not in the kitchen making things happen. By moving yourself and buying what needs to be bought, slicing what needs to be sliced, and frying what needs to be fried - you're taking the initiative.


Life and business hardly ever work out well for people who don't seize the opportunities early. We all have to be bold in order to invest money. It's not easy, but you just have to take the initiative. The man that always takes the initiative has a very high propensity of winning in life and becoming successful, more than the man that is always waiting for things to happen for him/her.

There's an old saying that - offense is the best form of defense. Analysing that statement, we can see many truths in it. In many ways, when you take the initiative, and start strong, and stay strong; it tends to be more difficult for things to go wrong. You can't afford to be lukewarm in this current fast moving world. You have to catch up with the pace of the world. And you can do this by taking the initiative.

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Hello @greatideas, very good your article, if we want to see a change in our lives we must take the first step to achieve it, passively hardly things will be achieved, besides that, we must always be positive in every action we take and be willing to leave our comfort zone, if we want something we must go out and look for it.

See you later, have a great week.

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Taking initiative is the fastest and best way to be successful in life, waiting for success to come on it own to met us is like wanting to pass an exam without reading or doing any form of research. It happens only once in a million, stand up and take initiative today.

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