Stop Daydreaming As An Entrepreneur

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I once heard a saying that - dreams are meant of the night, don't dream in the middle of the day. At the time I heard this saying, I was much younger and couldn't get the full meaning of the saying. And how it so much relates to one not been lazy and filling one's head with wishful thinking. For an entrepreneur, it's extremely crucial to be realistic.

The problem is that so many people fill the minds of people with motivations and positive thinking - that some people start to think of things absolutely out of reality and their capability. Many wealthy businessmen have spoken about this issue - saying that it's not usually so easy to differentiate between an unrealistic dream from a realistic one.

And I can understand the reason why this would be a major issue for entrepreneurs. Because on one hand, you have to think big and create huge ambitions that will inspire you. On the other hand, is the fact that you have to think big only about things that are actually achievable. So how can we differentiate this, is the big question.


The first thing for you to know that your dreams are achievable is that it should be written down by you. That's actually a way to bring that idea down from the skies into paper. Sometimes, when we just think about things abstractly, it's difficult to tell if we're thinking correctly. Putting it down on a piece of paper is very important.

Another thing to note is that you shouldn't be dreaming in the middle of the day. What I mean is that you shouldn't be thinking too much at daytime, you should basically be acting on things you've thought about at night. Use your nights to dream, and write down your dreams and make realistic plans of how you can turn it into reality.

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Well, I think that what is important and realistic for an entrepreneur is to be clear about where he wants to go and what he wants to do, then look for the way to achieve it, having discipline, sacrifice and above all that gift of being able to grow in a good way in what he does, dreaming is good but as long as those dreams are achievable and that by the hand of the same can be realized.
thank you for sharing

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Thinking out of reality will slow down our pace in life. Entrepreneur should do more of putting things into actions than sitting down all day dreaming.

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