Stop Complaining As An Entrepreneur

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What many people don't realize is that the words from your mouth have a lot of power, in influencing your overall state of mind and well being. This is a truth that has been emphasized by so many wise men through the ages, but some people just choose not to listen. The fact is that complaining will not help you get the job done.

What complaining does is discourage you. And destroys every little willingness you have towards doing something. It's more like you're self sabotaging yourself. Let's say you have to reply 100 emails, and it's part of your job. But you feel like that's too much emails to reply. So you spend time complaining.

You can keep on complaining for hours, but your complaining wouldn't get a single email replied. Hence, rather than waste your valuable time doing that, you should just handle your pain and displeasure towards that job - and simply get to work. When you start doing it, one email at a time, before long you're through.


Complaining will make the tasks become bigger in your sight. Your mind will amplify the difficulty of job. If you're in doubt - try it. Try complaining about a simple thing you do in your daily life. Say for example - making your coffee. Just start complaining, that you hate making coffee for days.

You'll notice that your entire body system will start getting tremendously lazy, when it's time for you to make a cup of coffee. That rather very simple task, that you probably did with a lot of ease; will start to seem like a big task. That's the destructive power of complaining. As an entrepreneur, do all you can to avoid complaining.

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Complaints do not solve anything, we agree on that friend @greatideas, we do nothing with wasting time complaining about the pending work to be done, instead of starting to do it, the important thing is to act. As you say, words have power and as long as we tell ourselves how hard it is, our hardest work will get done.

Hi @greatideas

Somehow, complaining will make our tasks become bigger and tedious to solve, so, the ideal is to improve our ability to solve problems, instead of constantly complaining.

Best regards, be well.

Greetings @ greatideas
Entrepreneurs are full of challenges and just starting the project is one of them. No doubt you will face many obstacles and difficulties but having a healthy mind and willing to move forward is what will make you succeed. The one who never stops complaining and is negative will not be able to reach the goal he dreamed of one day before starting.
Thank you very much for sharing your post.

Do you apply what you preach in your own ventures?