Start Early, Finish Early

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Most times business people fail to meet deadlines simply because of one reason - starting late. Most people don't know the value of starting your work early and getting through with it early. This has stood as a major challenge to many entrepreneurs, as they tend to procrastinate the work they're supposed to do.

The main problem with starting late is that you put yourself under so much stress by your own self. This is really unnecessary if you discipline yourself to start early. As you may probably know, it's hard to feel happy and enjoy yourself when you have pending work at hand. It's always better to get done with your most important tasks as early as possible.

Another problem with starting late is actually not completing your work before the deadline. In most cases, when you start late, you don't have as much energy and enthusiasm towards the task to be done. And mostly instead of feeling great urge to complete the work, most business people feel overwhelmed, and suffer from severe anxiety.


This kind of anxiety tends to affect some businessmen so much that they just see themselves not doing the one thing that they should be doing. Also they feel the guilt - knowing that they should have started long time ago. The pain of the thought that if they had started early, they would probably have been done, keeps troubling their minds.

This is a position you don't want to be in. And that's why when you have something very important to do. Something that is at the top of your list of priorities, don't joke around. Start doing it early, and you'll see that quickly you'll finish it early. This way you'll be able to feel more happy with yourself, and not feeling guilt and anger with yourself for procrastinating something very important to you.

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Hi @greatideas
For some reason human beings have the.tendency to leave things to the last minute, time management ends up being a chaos for many, and of course, it affects everything, both work and daily life. Keeping the time offered for a job is the most responsible thing to do.

There is a popular adage that says:

Early to bed, early to rise

I think this also covers a very many aspects, even in business. When you start to undertake a task as early as possible, you will tend to finish on time.

Nice piece buddy