Shifting Your Ground As A Business Person

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They say that it's good that you always hold your ground on things that you've made a decision on. Or things that beforehand you've come to a conclusion. But in reality, all that is great, when you haven't come across an argument that completely beats your idea. And you can see the flaws of your own idea.

Most times, when entrepreneurs listen to a superior view that is very much better than their own view, instead of doing the rational thing of going with the better view. Surprisingly, you see most businessmen sticking to their ideas that have just been flawed, and refusing to accept the truth that they see.

Most of us have experienced moments like that, when you just don't want to accept that what you said was wrong or incorrect. The truth is that you can get away with it when it doesn't involve funds. In cases where money is involved, you have to think twice about your refusal to accept the better view.


Usually this is as a result of pride. Probably, they've been telling everyone that their view is really amazing, so it hits their pride for them to accept the truth. Also, they may feel embarrassed that everyone they've been boasting to will perhaps laugh at them. But you can't afford such an attitude with your business on the line.

For some other businessmen - it's the fact that they're too rigid. They don't want to bend for nothing. But they forget that most times, if you don't bend you'll break. Hence, some businessmen will deceive themselves by saying that they have to focus on their initial idea. But there's no issue with shifting your grounds as an entrepreneur when you see a better view or opportunity.

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Hi @greatideas
Many times closing yourself off and not having the ability to see other options is the key to failure, because everything is subject to change. Nobody has absolute truths, for that reason, the best thing is to know when there is an idea that can replace the one we have, improve it or complement it.