Living Within Your Means

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You may have found yourself in situations where you're spending way more than you're getting. And it's not because you cannot manage your income and still be alright. But because you love the luxurious lifestyle, you love flashy things, you want to have meals that are beyond your budget. Therefore, you see yourself borrowing money to make up.

Over time, those borrowed money have to be paid. Hence, you've put yourself under more pressure in life. And still, instead of doing the rational thing, which is to cut down on your expenses - so that you can use some part of your income to pay what you borrowed; but you still don't do that. Rather you borrow from another friend, to pay the other person.

In fact, some people go as far as borrowing more and more to live a lifestyle that is clearly beyond their means. As someone who wants to go into business, you must first learn how to make sacrifices at the moment for a better future. It's usually painful to see your friends buying certain items, and enjoying themselves, while you're saving up money for your business.


What you'll notice in many years to come is that those friends who kept on spending all their earnings to meet up a lifestyle that is above them, tend not a accomplish much in life. And as always with time comes aging and other responsibilities. Like care for children and parents. Young people that choose such lavish lifestyle early on in life, tend to suffer the consequences later in life.

But if you discipline yourself, and control your spending habit - ensuring that you cut down on your living expenses, so that at the end of the day, you'll keep some part of your income for investments and starting up a business of your own. In few years time, you'll start to live a really wonderful life, when your business and other investments start bringing more profits.

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Greetings friend, I think it is a good reflection that you share with us, you are absolutely right, there are people who do not manage their finances and therefore, never reach any goal, just living on appearances, which sometimes becomes difficult to maintain and in the end they end up as they started full of debts.

See you later, have a great week.