Indicators In Business And Life

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Have you ever imagined life without guidelines or indications on how things should be done? Assuming that there was no form of education that indicates to us how we have to do things in the right way. As a business person, it becomes even more important that you understand the concept of indicators very well.

When you hear indicator, you're probably thinking of trading the markets alone. But in reality, any thing that can indicate to you how something can be better done is basically an indicator. So many people take it lightly, as they don't look out for signs and indications around their environment - for business opportunities and potential threats.

Let's look at how indicators are very important for a trader in the market. Instead of trading the markets like someone lost on an open sea, indicators give you some kind of direction and help on which way to go. Of course, it's very possible to make profits from the markets without using indicators, but the chances of been consistent making profits without indicators is quite difficult.


The fact is that indicators in the markets are not perfect - meaning that sometimes they may provide wrong readings and lead you the wrong way. But if they tend to be correct more times than they're wrong, then that's your edge in the market. And by having such an indicator that provides you correct predictions more times than not, you can make consistent profits.

As for life in general in business, there are always indications when there's an innovation coming or when something is changing the dynamics. As an entrepreneur, one must be sensitive to these indicators and gather as much useful information as possible - so that one can see signs and indications in things, and make good decisions as a result.

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Hello @greatideas!
I agree that the use of indicators, especially in business offers a help, as it will allow us to make decisions based on information with a high degree of reliability, taking into account of course that it can happen that we make mistakes but we will ensure that the times that we lose is less. Thanks for sharing, greetings!

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Hello @greatideas

Somehow as you rightly mention, it is very possible to profit from the markets without using indicators, however, not using technical indicators increases the probability of economic losses.

Best regards, be well.

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Greetings dear @greatideas, I agree with you, indicators are important in all aspects of life, referring to the economic markets, there are indicators that guide us on the behavior that will have some asset, and it is up to us whether to invest or not. On the other hand, in our daily life we encounter various situations that allow us to take certain experience, this experience in the future we could use it as an indicator to know what happens or what is about to happen.

Great article, have a great start of the week.

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Very well. I believe it will get to a point where by an indicator will pop up in our business which we need to take note for serious innovation and toove our business forward

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