Discovering Yourself By Intuition

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Self discovery can be placed as the number one requirement for doing great things in life. If you haven't discovered yourself, you may really not know which direction you should be headed in life. And this is the case with many people who want to become financially well to do. They keep on struggling because they don't have an intuitive feel of what they should do.

It's more like travelling without a destination in mind. All that some people say to themselves - they want to arrive at the best destination. How can they even know when they get there? The mind basically sees more of what you have previously thought about. We consciously or unconsciously set our own paths by the thoughts with think.

And that's why if you think of red cars right now. When you walk out of your house, basically subconsciously your mind will be looking for red cars. And that's why a man that hasn't discovered himself has real issues - because he doesn't know what he is looking for in life. So how can he find it? That's where the problem lies.


Most of the successful businessmen have attributed their success in life to an intuitive feel of what they should do in life. Ultimately, what I'm telling you is that - the most successful people know exactly what they should be doing. They're not guessing like most other people. Hence, whatever someone else is doing doesn't really distract them, because they know that they're on their own path.

The basic step to discovering yourself is asking yourself questions - what would you like to spend your life doing? How much money do you want to make? What business can make you achieve your goals in life? What quality of life do you want for yourself? When you're able to answer questions like this honestly with yourself. An intuitive feel of the right path for you will come to you.

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hello @greatideas,
There are many books that say that for you to first achieve success you must know in detail what success you are looking for, in the book the rhinoceros says that success is like a wild animal which you must know perfectly to recognise it when you see it, people must know exactly what they want so that your mind gives you a clear path from where you are to the success you want, on the other hand, if you are not able to recognise what you want, you will hardly achieve it.

Good point for some people who still don't know themselves. In fact that usually happens when parents are too overprotective, so the child never learns for him/herself and never discovers what he/she wants to be.

Greetings @ greatideas
To be able to know yourself and know what your potential and weaknesses are is always very good for the development of your life, however there are many people who do not know it because they have not discovered themselves yet. Sometimes they have to go through difficult situations that have forced them to develop and they have been very successful.
Thank you very much for sharing such an interesting publication

Hello friend, very good your publication, knowing what we want in life, can be beneficial for us as you mention in the writing, because you will be directing all your thoughts and efforts to achieve the goal you visualize. We can not copy models of others, because we could fail in the attempt to achieve something that we do not know and possibly never called our attention.

See you later brother, have a great start of the week.

Intuition is the most important thing In life if a person is having intuition power then he can attain some of the most important decisions in his life which are helping him attain his goal.

A good intuition is always helpful for a human being our brains generate a vibe which tell us what is wrong and what is right.

Greetings friend @greatideas having a vision of our potential, will help us to be prepared and excel regardless of the circumstances for this we must learn to know and value ourselves. Greetings, valuable delivery