Bigger Dreams To Be Accomplished

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It's quite easy to hit a small dream that you had for yourself, and you think that you've achieved all that you need to. Suddenly your desire to push further starts to experience a rapid decline. If there's one thing that is so true in this world - it's that things hardly ever stay constant. Hence, if you're not growing, the tendency is that you're reducing.

You don't want that to be you. Nobody wants to start falling from the great heights that they've climbed to. But in order to stay on top or keep on climbing higher, you have to create bigger dreams for yourself, if you've achieved the ones you created before. You don't stop there, but look around you and create a new and bigger dream.

Most times, achieving a big dream that you set for yourself long time ago, could be so exciting that you lose yourself in the excitement. Assuming that you've made it, and you're where you planned to be. Not realizing that if you take your eyes off the ball, you'll tend to lose. The focus must always be there.


You don't ever want to lose focus, and let yourself feel to big. This life is a journey, and if you make a single achievement or goal your destination, then you're going against the tides of nature itself. It never stops - so long as the sun rises and sets, so it is with your dreams.

When you achieve one dream, you raise another one. And the journey continues. Like I mentioned, it's a continuous process. Success doesn't have a bus stop, you keep pushing further - breaking your best records and setting better records. On and on, that's just the reality of things. There will always be something greater to achieve.

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Hi @greatideas I once read that happiness is not a place but a journey, make the way, I think so should be considered the success, the course towards it should feel like continuous and continuous to enjoy it, very good post, greetings