Being More Attentive

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One of the major things that sets apart really successful entrepreneurs from those that don't achieve that much - is the ability to pay attention. Some people use their ears and eyes and other senses more than others. As a business person, you have to learn to be more present, and in flow with the moment.

When opportunities fly around, it's the man that pays attention to happenings and takes a deeper look at things that is able to seize the opportunities. Most times, two investments may seem to look alike, but a sensitive and attentive person will observe deeply for those little differences that separate winning investments from losing ones.

The basic reason why most entrepreneurs fail to pay full attention is social media and gossips. Instead of some people to pay more attention to things that will make them improve financially, they rather spend long hours watching trending funny videos that have nothing to do with their financial life. There's time for everything.

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There's time to watch trending funny videos and latest movies, and there's time to focus your attention on your business. Most business people tend to confuse both. Hence, when they're supposed to be fully attentive to details in their business, they'll be thinking of funny videos and listening to music, during working hours.

Also we have to understand that we owe it to ourselves to be more attentive. Some highly successful businessmen take measures to stay attentive during working hours - like avoiding personal calls during working hours, and staying away from social media during working hours. After working hours, you may have fun later in the day watching whatever entertainment you like.

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