Adding Responsibility To Your Talent

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Allow me break it to you - there are many people out there that are just as talented as you, if not more talented. The truth is that having talent is a gift, it's a given, and that really counts for very little of what's needed to achieve success. Another truth is that most people are not taking responsibility for their lives and their talent.

The way to truly set yourself apart from the majority of talented people is by being responsible as well. You won't find many responsible talented people, and that's why only few make it to the top. And undeniably, taking responsibility in life is not as easy as it seems. You have to make some painful sacrifices to do that.

We see talented people that don't want to wake up early and get to work. Talented people that stay late at night watching the television - watching television isn't a bad thing, but there's time for everything. After probably watching a little you may retire to bed. But many talented people will not be able to control themselves, hence spend hours at night watching on and on.


The fact is that if you stay late into the night doing things that aren't so productive, then you're stealing from your day time. Because what happens is that you'll tend to wake up late as well. We see talented people who are supposed to be putting in more of their time in practicing - go out drinking and partying with friends every so often.

Take a good look at the very successful talented people, they can't afford to drink so hard and get drunk. They maintain their self control. And most of the talented people that even manage to make it to limelight, if they don't stay focused and responsible - it doesn't take long before they come down crashing, or somehow their success doesn't last long. Thus, whatever talent you think you have - it's nothing, if you don't make yourself a responsible person.

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I agree, I know many super talented people but with a huge lack of commitment, discipline and goals, and you can be brilliant but if you don't have those plans, organization for what you want it is worthless to have telento.
thanks for the post

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Hi @greatideas
Talent without work does not develop, not grow, stagnate. Unfortunately this is a reality we often see in many people, who don't want to make efforts for bigger things. Ultimately that is a personal decision.

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Talent comes with responsibilities. As a matter of fact, talent alone cannot take one all the way, there is a need to back it up with responsibility and work. With this, you will be leveraging on the talent to make something great.

Nice piece buddy.

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Hello friend, good reflection, it is true, sometimes we waste our time on things that do not bring us anything good, as you say there is time for everything, I think you have to plan and have more discipline to exploit all that talent. Greetings.

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Responsibility is the most important part in person life.if one person os not responsible he will not successful in his life. A good responsible person all touch his goal.

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Greetings @greatideas
I particularly think that there are several types of talented people, One of them are those who do not care what society thinks and put all their talent, no matter what they say about it. And the other talented people as mentioned are those who can not leave their comfort zone because they do not leave a different image than they always have: But the most important of all is that both put their talents in the service of solving problems.

Thank you very much for sharing

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