Relationship Destructive Habits.

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I am not really a person who likes to produce relationship contents but I have realized how interesting and fun life could be if you are in a relationship with a great person who understands you. It has become very common to have broken relationships in this age, every day we hear sad stories of how relationships that have been existing for years gets broken and it is almost as if relationships do not last long any more. Some of us do not even realize that there are simple things we do that has a harmful effect on our relationship.
For a relationship to work, a deliberate effort is required from both parties. While reading through this post, I hope that you realize areas where you might be at fault with your partner and try to fix adjust and fix things.



The absence of physical care.

There is usually a care free attitude common amongst people who have been in a relationship for a long time, they automatically begin to feel there is no need to pay attention to their physical appearance any longer. Appearing neat and pleasant has a way of keeping your partner attracted to you all day long, regardless of how many years you have been in the relationship, it does not mean your partner would want to see you appear unattractive.

The absence of communication.

Not communicating properly is a relationship destroyer, having a proper communication with your partner will help solidify your relationship and help you resolve pending issues as fast as possible.



Being wasteful financially.

No one wants a partner who is wasteful and has no financial plan for the future. As attractive as it may seem to be the one who spends the most amongst your peers, everyone wants to be with someone who has a good financial goal, who can account for how they spend and has a future financial plan also.

Being an emotional liability.

When some people get into a relationship, they automatically forget about their friends and families making everything about the relationship and nothing more. No one definitely wants a burden for a partner and you should have a life of your own, love the things that you love and insist on the things that you do not like despite being in a relationship. A healthy relationship will not demand that you stop living or stop thinking.

Unfaithfulness and Lies.

Relationships gets ruined a lot when partners tell lies to one another. Sincerity and faithfulness is a basic ingredient that will help a relationship survive and you begin to lose out on the joy that a relationship brings when there are lies and unfaithfulness involved.


Becoming insecure with your partner is one fast way to drive your relationship down the drain. Insecurity is often driven by the absence of trust and it is a huge relationship killer because no one wants to be spied upon or misjudged.

Absence of affection.

Understand what your partner’s love language is and show him or her as much attention as you can. A relationship without affection is as good as dead and if you want your relationship to survive, you definitely need to show as much affection as you can with your partner.


Love is a beautiful thing and it can be ruined within minutes, doing your best to keep your relationship is really important. Ensure you are not the one creating the problem in your relationship and help your partner figure out if the problem is coming from him or her as well. Have a great weekend buddies.

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Hello @gbenga!
There are many people who think that once they are in a relationship everything has been solved and everything ends there, and it turns out that it is the beginning of many care and attention because otherwise everything is lost, you have to maintain day to day affection, communication, respect, sharing and many details that will strengthen and allow it to last over time.

Lots of effort and re-assurance needs to be put in place in order to get a relationship to function properly, thank you for your time and comment.

Congratulations for this work is part of what is always being built, relationships of all kinds are nurtured, watered, cared for to be strengthened, it is not difficult, if love and respect are present.
thank you for sharing

Appreciate your comment @joseph1956, relationships are really important and we cannot just live without them.

Lies and unfaithfulness has been destroying relationships for a long time and as long as the act continues, it will continue to happen. Once lies are detected in a relationship, it surely ruins things.

I agree with you, relationships are mostly ruined on the basis of lies and unfaithfulness. Thanks for your time.