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When we hear the word criticize, something in us is activated. We have a taste for it, it's a guilty pleasure.

That's why we like showbiz shows, sites like Filmaffinity where movie reviews and critiques are published, or gossip magazines and tabloids. That's why talent shows like "America Got talent" or "X Factor" are so successful, because we see juries giving their opinions on artists, even the public can influence the jury's decision. That's why social media is part of our culture, because it gave us a voice to express ourselves and evaluate others, appreciate the work of others and let them know about it, estimate them, analyze data or make judgments. They gave us the power to do something we love, which is inherent to being human: to criticize.


Because everything I wrote above is to criticize. As it is to censure, to reprove, to reproach. In fact, that is what comes to mind when we read the word criticism. Because I am sure that if your mother comes and tells you that Carlos left you a written critique of your last painting work, you will at once think that he rejected the result and pointed out the mistakes you made.

We associate criticism with that, with the negative. Although there is such a thing as "constructive criticism", in my opinion, criticism is criticism, whether it is negative or positive, whether it is praise or disapproval. The essence of criticism is someone's opinion about something. It will focus on destroying it or praising it, but it will still be criticizing. To criticize is to give an opinion, to evaluate, to judge. That is why I repeat, constructive criticism does not exist, it is a fallacy. Why? Because the power to build or destroy is not in the criticism itself, nor in the one who emits it, it is what it allows the one who receives it to do.

In my next post I will explain my point of view better with a couple of examples.

While this is happening, what do you think? Is there such a thing as constructive criticism? Do you consider yourself a critic? Do you seek to destroy or to build through criticism? How do you receive criticism?


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Interesting topic to talk about. I always consider critic as something positive to take away from. Most of the time it is recommended to start with something positive, then move on to the things that can be improved and afterwards finish with some positive points again.

I am curious aout your next article! :)

Hi, I knew about starting with something positive and then expressing the negative or what could be improved, but I did not know and had not reasoned (maybe I had, but not consciously) to close with something positive. Your comment has been very valuable to me. It really was.

In the next article you will see some examples. If you allow me I can mention you so you will know when I publish it.

Thank you for your visit and comment.

Yes please! I cant wait for it :)

@ga38jem I invite you to the second part of the post. Already published

@tipu curate

Thanks you for the support.

This post reflects your great mindset, you've been educating yourself for long to write such a piece

You've earned your upvote and a follow also

Keep up the great work ❤

Thanks you for your comment.