Symptoms of depression: Anhedonia, takes away your will to live

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If you have read me before, you know that I am a survivor of depression. I have told my story before, recounting my experience with this illness and what the process of overcoming it was like.

One of the most characteristic symptoms of this disorder is anhedonia. What is this? It is that feeling of not feeling like doing anything, including, (and this is the saddest and most desperate), those things you like to do. You don't want to do them either. They seem irrelevant, silly, they don't generate any emotion in you. I remember very well that feeling bored (something extremely unusual for me since I am very active), but anhedonia does not discriminate whether you are the busiest guy or the most proactive woman in town. When it comes, it hits and drains your batteries. You don't want to do anything, nothing motivates you. If you loved to cook, not anymore. If you love to play soccer, you see the ball and it doesn't give you any pleasure. Do you like to dance? The music plays and you go and turn it off. No writing, no movies, no social networks, no hanging out with your friends. Nothing.


With anhedonia, we feel that the hours multiply and the day is long.


So when someone is unmotivated, bored, lying down or sitting without wanting to do anything, refusing invitations to do things, especially those that we know you like to do, you have to worry, especially if this behavior goes beyond 15 days in a row. Because, like many symptoms of depression, anhedonia is not exclusive to depression, but when it is combined with other symptoms and for a certain period of time (2 to 3 weeks), we must be alert.

It is very, very unpleasant to feel this way. I do not have fond memories of those moments. Especially because many people around me did not understand my situation. They told me that I was a bore, a party pooper, bitter. That I was not normal. In my case, I was always a shy, lonely person who enjoyed solitude and silence. But, with the arrival of depression, these characteristics were reinforced. Before, I could suddenly agree to go out to play or go for a walk, for example. But when I was already depressed, it was extremely difficult for me to do so.


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