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Let’s quickly talk about the current situation in the economy. We are technically in a recession but not really. Many people have jobs but the tech industry is laying off people and the stock market is shooting up after an interest rate hike is being announced. These are very weird times and I was wondering how best to benefit from these. To be honest, I don’t really know. But what I do know is that promotions in a job can get you more money and this can be utilized to build your wealth during times like these. As we all know, hard skills are getting you a job but soft skills is how you can squeeze the most money out of your paycheck. This is why today I want to talk about different Soft Skills that are imminent for your career regardless which field you are working in.


One of the most important soft skills out there is probably communication, not only in your job but also in your private life. Without communication relationships with friends and family can be broken. If people do not know how to communicate their goals or problems, it will inevitably lead to problems. It is important to always listen to people without interrupting them as well as always speaking yourself in a positive tone and way. Furthermore, it is always important to pay attention to your body language and mimic as these are the things that are being noticed the first.


It is very similar with negotiations! If you want to be successful you need to know how to negotiate your goals and especially your salary. Here again, it is very important to listen well. If you understand the opposite position you can come up with better solutions. Furthermore, it is necessary to know your own worth! If you understand both sides and can estimate your worth you will be able to propose solutions that can benefit both sides and it will always be a win-win situation.


Next up we need to talk about empathy. If we have to describe the perfect boss, empathy is probably one of the attributes that 90% of us will have on their list. People respect other people that take a genuine interest in them. This will also help to see things through their eyes and perspective and will help with the negotiation part above. It is also necessary to be always supportive and to never judge a book by its cover as well as always paying attention to your counterpart.


Without networking many people would not have gotten the position that they are in right now, so why should you not do the same? It brings a lot of advantages to have a broad and diverse network as well as having great connection skills. It is always nice to have people around you with the same interests that can always help you out in your job. Another benefit would be, that you would know people to go to if you have a problem to solve which would make you immediately more effective and your skillset wider.


Moving on to the work itself. Many people don’t realize it but to be successful, you need to have a positive attitude at work. You should never gossip and leave your complaints at home. Nobody likes people who bring the morale down and that should never be you. If you need to criticize other co-workers, do it professionally and always in a constructive way. This is the path to great respect and acknowledgment by the higher management.

Work Ethic

This should also align with your Work Ethic! You should always take responsibility for your own work and deliver results on time as well as show up on time. This just shows the respect towards the other attenders and your co-workers. If you do commitments, you should do everything in your power to fulfill them and if something does not work out to never blame others or search for problems on the opposite side. If followed other coworkers will respect you and it will have a big impact on your every day work.

Conflict Resolution

Furthermore, it is important to be proficient in conflict managements and resolutions. Whenever there is a problem in sight it is always the goal to focus on the solution and not on the problem. If done the latter, this will ultimately lead to conflicts and lost time. It is also unavoidable to do mistakes. So if it happens that you did one, do not hide it. It is only human, just apologize and focus on solving the issue again rather than discussing why this error has occurred.


This goes also hand in hand with the teamwork aspect of soft skills. It is obvious that you should never claim all the credit by yourself. There are very rare cases where a project is done completely alone and if not credited your supporters will not help you the next time around. It is also important to celebrate each and every win with your teammates as this will help you to bond together and help building your network!

Emotional Intelligence

A very hard soft skill to learn but nevertheless very important one is the emotional intelligence that you bring to your workplace. Sometimes it is very hard not to act impulsively. In these cases it is always advised to take a step back from the problem and maybe look at it from different angles. It is imminent to understand why you are feeling upset and to understand the consequences of your actions. Basically, think first and then speak or act! It will safe you troubles in the future.

Time Management

Last but not least we have the time management. I know a lot of talented people who just take too many projects and tasks on their plate. This will lead to less effectivity and more stress. It is very important to learn how to prioritize and even to delegate. In some occasions it is even correct to say no and forward your tickets to another colleague. In the end you are only getting paid for a set amount of time (in most cases). This is why you should also know how to use your time best in order to finish as many projects as possible.

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On 6th August 2022

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