Important Industries In The Future - Look Out For These!

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Now that we are in a bear market it is time to start and get to work. Right now is the time to grind, find new business ideas or educate yourself. One of the things I like to do is to think about what potential industries can emerge from this crash and how the world could look like in around 10 years time. With this being said, I want to talk about potential predictions that could come true in around the 10 year time frame. I think that the following topics will play a major role in the future and that it might be clever to get into these assets now as along as they are still somewhat cheap.

Renewable Energy

The first thing that is very important is the Green or Renewable Energy sector. I am very hopeful that people and governments will start to understand that the oil industry and its produced energy is not the best way to fuel a society. There are just too many disadvantages. First up, it is not very environmental friendly and with the climate change being already irreversible the needed steps have to be done sooner than later. Not only that but the dependency of countries that are delivering the oil and gas, like Russia, is a very high disadvantage, especially for the economy. If these countries do not want to deliver the energy source, the global economy is at risk of collapsing.

So how to neglect these disadvantages? I think the easiest and most effective way would be to start using resources that are available to everyone. Clean energy such as wind, solar or water energy are available for any country in a good amount. It is just important to build the infrastructure and it seems like there is a slow mind change going on. Whether it is because the younger generation is slowly getting more influence or because the politicians are understanding the problem now. The future is definitely green energy and right now is a great time to get to know some of these companies. I think a good way to invest in this market is trough an ETF as well. I think that the important part is to star investing into it over the next few years as it looks like, this niche will take over the energy sector.

AI Domination

Next up are companies that have their focus on Artificial Intelligence. It is no surprise that AI is seen as the future of humanity. It is supposed to be this cool thing that will solve any kind of problem humanity is facing and is thought of like this magical tool that will replace humanity at some point. Well, if we take a closer look at this technology it becomes very clear that it is certainly not magic and that it will probably not solve every kind of problem. BUT! It is already now a great tool to make the life for humanity easier. Whether it is by an sophisticated algorithm that helps people to find the products that they want to buy but do not know it yet or in the manufacturing industry where robots can quickly and safely reproduce different actions that a human would take days to accomplish.

These tasks show that AI is here to help people and not to replace them and this narrative will be pushed further over the next years. With GPUs becoming better and neural networks becoming more sophisticated, the algorithms and tasks that can be solved by AI will become more complex. This means that productivity of humanity as a whole will become larger and the companies that are providing these tools will come out on top. This is the next sector that I think will dominate in 10 years time which is why I am starting to take a closer look at this niche as well.

Digital Finance

Let’s also talk about the elephant in the room: Digital Finance. Unfortunately, I do not think that FIAT money will be evaporated from this world but it really doesn’t need to. I think that the crypto industry can co-exist with the FIAT currency and I think the regulators have the same view on things. What is needed are international transfers which do not take weeks to be finished. This is exactly the use case for Blockchain technology and crypto currencies. Imagine being to wire your 100 thousand USD all over the world without being stressed about the processing time. It will be available to you in a matter of minutes.

In my eyes this is one of the biggest advantages crypto has right now, and there are certainly more like the separation of money and state overall. Although I think that this could take a little longer than 10 years. What I want to say with this point is that right now crypto currencies are not regulated and the big players did not start to invest their money onto this space. Once some regulations are being placed, this space will explode and money will flow into this industry like crazy, because people and big institutions are craving the blockchain technology! While the assets, such as Bitcoin are very cheap right now, we should take the chance and stake our stash up for the times when these assets will become very needed!

More Interactive Content

Another very important thing will be the content that people are consuming. While currently it is very passively in the form of movies, shows or YouTube, the gaming industry is gaining ground year over year. This means that the interactive content will become more wanted in a few years time when technology will make it possible. One big noun is very important in this context: Metaverse. The Metaverse is being seen by a lot of people like the next big thing and I somewhat agree with that. Whether it is buy having interactive online meetings or by being able to participate in your favorite show or just hang out with friends and play and “online D&D” session. All of these ideas seem to be possible in the future and different Metaverse projects seem to be on the edge of making it possible.

Data Will Rule

Last but not least I want to talk about the most valuable resource that is going to exist in 10 years time. It will probably not be gold or oil, it will be data. While we are currently living in the transition from the industrial to the information age, I think that in 10 years time the transition will be fully complete. Companies like Google or Meta will certainly have the big advantage in this time but it does not mean that smaller companies or motivated start ups are already out of the race. Times and Algorithms change, technology was never kind to conservative thinking people and businesses which is why there will always be a chance for smaller companies to emerge. This is why data driven companies should be looked out for all the time, especially over the next 10 years.

Closing Thoughts

I think many people already said it, but I can not stop to repeat it: We should take the next few months as a chance. The times will certainly be hard and it will probably get a lot harder and redder. The bottom will be reached when the investors will be beaten to their knees and will not see any sense to invest anymore. This is when you will know that we reached the bottom. Until then and from there on, we need to stay strong together ad just know that you are not the only one in this position!

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On 25th June 2022

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I agree with you that renewable energy and AI are things that future has more in store for us. When investing, it's always right to look at 10 years from the time of investing - to get a good view of how things will most likely turn out. Informative read. Thanks for posting.

Thank you for the reassureance! :)

It's hard to predict how much involvement cryptocurrency will have on our future. To be frank, values could rise even while adoption withers.