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Hello dear friends, I hope you are very well, today I want to talk to you about a very interesting topic and it is about our health or we could also call it financial education. Today anyone could have access to generate more income, this technological era has allowed us to open the range of possibilities to the economic, only not all people are willing to generate a change in their lives or in their routines.



One of the biggest problems is the lack of knowledge that many of us have regarding the management of our income, the common person spends everything that comes in and does not think about a future or a small investment, many times we do not need 100% of our money but we still spend it on unnecessary things. While we could store a percentage for savings and another for investment, investments that most likely will be part of new income in the future.

We should all have a little training in finances, spend less and invest more, not thinking that money has only one function, SPENDING IT.



Another important point, NOT HAVING CLEAR GOALS OR OBJECTIVES IN OUR LIFE, in my case I recently went through a situation where I did not know where I was going, today I am already focused on what I want and that makes us think and act more logically. If we don't have goals nothing will matter to us because we don't know where we are going and we live life as it comes and that's it. But that is not the answer.

Spending for me is very easy, today I am working on it, because I have seen my income affected for this reason, but we all have the right to change and straighten the path. A bad management of your money can cause you many problems, today I am working on it and I have goals and a lot of plans for my benefit, I feel that I am on the right path, but everything requires constancy and patience.



SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT IS NOT TO HAVE A PLANNING, sometimes we just let the money run through our hands, but we do not have a control of how much should be our budget either weekly or monthly, by having a control we can manage much better in terms of expenses. Nowadays I always try to know what my expenses are, although I confess that I always get stressed because sometimes I don't have enough money for everything I want to do.

But something very important is that we must work based on what we have and not on what we could have, that is the reality.


Credit cards are often a deception, the idea is to get more indebted, in my opinion we can live peacefully without them, but that is something personal. We should not get into debt for things that do not deserve it or that are not urgent.

We must be clear about what is an asset and what is a liability when buying something, do we really need it, is it going to generate income or losses, I think these are questions we have to ask ourselves before acquiring any good.

Most only spend on liabilities and aspire to have a lot of money, so we must educate ourselves first and then make a planning of our life and our capital. I hope these little tips help us and encourage us to investigate more about the subject.

Thank you for reading my publication.




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hello @franyeligonzalez,
you are absolutely right financial planning should be a priority for all of us, a month ago I got into financial difficulties just for not having my finances in order, so when I saw that the finances were out of control I decided to put order, disorder is the enemy of finances, therefore, if you want to have a correct finances you must be orderly in the financial sphere.

Financial education is essential for our growth as people my dear friend @franyeligonzalez, at school they teach us many things, but not to be financially intelligent, on the other hand we are daily "bombarded" by advertising campaigns that only seek that we be every time more consumerists, that we spend our money, even without a logical reason.

The important thing is to recognize the importance of financial planning and take actions that allow us to be increasingly financially intelligent, I congratulate you for taking that first big step.

Greetings, have a happy day.

Hello friend, that's right, they don't teach us financial education, but to work for other people. I think it is up to each one of us to learn about the subject. Greetings my friend.

Hi friend, as you mention financial education and good habits are very important, many people don't budget, save or invest, they first spend all their income on luxuries that could be afforded after they have a financial base.

Hi friend, that's right, people prefer to spend all their money and not think about the future or life improvement. Thanks for commenting.

First of all the reason behind this is we don't have enough knowledge about the how to manage our finance if we have good knowledge about financial planning we will definitely have success in our life.

Hi @franyeligonzalez

Good topic that you share with this post, and I say this because it is about financial education content, in my case I have been adjusting my investment strategy, precisely to avoid those blunders that I had been committing unconsciously, and certainly that of spending less and investing more is what in recent months has given me better results.

Best regards, be well.

Hello friend, that's right, we should invest more, think about having more income and not be thinking about a simple salary that can disappear at any moment. Greetings.

Greetings @ franyeligonzalez
Having a financial education is very important to be able to overcome in a given time, you must have a balance between income and expenses, certainly the disbursements are easier to make. It is necessary to be very conscious of the reality we live in and of the proposed goals, changing the culture of consumerism for the culture of self-improvement.
Thank you very much for sharing.

Hello dear friend, thank you for your comment. I agree with you. Regards.

The biggest reason of that, is that a group of people don't want us to be financially healthy. They don't allow us to learn about that in school or even university. While I see this topic important to learn from childhood. They rather see us as costumers for their business, but not business people ourselves. It's better to create more slaves for them rather than creating people who will be free. People who can replace them. So, I blame the system for sure !

I guess we can start little by educating out children, families and friends the system want every average man to remain stagnant.

Hello dear friend, thank you for your comment. I agree with you. Regards.

I really love this publication, majority of us have the mentality that the purpose of money is in spending it and this mentality will put us at a point of financial stagnancy for a very long time. When we plan our finances and we spend only based on what we have instead of what we hope to have, then we will be able to attain a greater level of financial independence.

Hello dear friend, thank you for your comment. I agree with you. Regards.

It is quiet convenient to live a life of earning and spending, little wonder why an average man is less concerned about life improvement.

However, growth and increased financial standard comes from calculative spending and strategic measures towards growth.

Hello dear friend, thank you for your comment. It's good to see you here again Greetings.

Hello friend very good post, however sometimes not spending everything that comes into our accounts is difficult, I understand your point well because financial planning is based on the establishment of income, expenses and margins either savings or losses that we can have, but sometimes, and that has much to do with the global economy, it is very complicated when inflation threatens your investments daily. I totally agree with the fact of having clear goals, that is fundamental. Thanks for your post.