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I read a great post from @josevas217 about the defense industry, which I follow closely, and peaked my interest and the following post…

The US is the biggest spender on defense, since the end of World War II, which isn't a surprise for most people, but China is closing that gap. Plus, Japan, South Korea and Europe (Russia has been modernizing for 20 years) are all beginning to re-evaluate and expand their defense posture and budgets.


And the 2021 estimation


The unfortunate aspect of all of this, is the world is rearming. Many nations are spending more of their GDP on defense. Why? We are moving into a world of rising powers and competing interests.

We have been through this before, right before World War I and World War II.

As of 2020, the US spent 3.74% of their GDP on defense. At the begining of the Cold War, the US spent 17.4%, during the World War II, the US spent 42% of their GDP on defense.


So there is a lot more room to go up from here, not only in the US, but other countries as well.

Bottom line, it's a great time to invest in the global defense industry

  • Germany (Rheinmetall AG)
  • Japan (Mitsubishi Group)
  • France (Airbus)
  • UK (BAE Systems)
  • United States(Lockheed Martin)
  • China(Aviation Industry Corporation of China)
  • Russia (Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC)
    And others…

Some of these are better investments than others, and some can't be invested in because they are private companies or because of capital controls.

I despise War! But our species can't seem to purge that violence out of our system. So every century or so, we have to all choose sides and fight…the whole planet...and in the meantime, build those weapons of war, for a profit.

Stay frosty people

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We have been through this before, right before World War I and World War II.

This is the problem, that before those terrible world wars the previous movement has been to arm.

It is unfortunate that the world, instead of using all that power to create, does so to destroy. An amount like that of more than 2000 trillion dollars could rather balance the world, but in a certain way I think that those who are in power are mentally ill who are interested in nothing more than going down in history for having shown more power than the another... the world is definitely wrong.
Thanks for the mention.

you definitely know where to get information @fijimermaid.

I agree with you, humans are…I don't even know what to say...vicious and productive.

But I'm not sure we’re that different from the Animal Kingdom…especially one of our closest relatives, chimpanzees…referencing the Gombe Chimpanzee War, where chimpanzees killed each other for territory (resources, food) and mates.

Maybe we're like this, and other species, because our main interest is survival, and the world can be unforgiving. Our species mostly survived through the millennia through trade and collaborating, but some of the time, when that didn't work, and we couldn't come to an agreement, we destroyed each other to settle the differences.

I do not like it any more than you do, peace is much nicer than war.

And thank you @josevas217, I like references, references are good to make sense of the world :)

I see world war coming soon. The world should be prepared

It is kind of strange but true. Every time there is a way it becomes like an expo of weapons and countries Q up to buy the weapons on display. Sad but true.

Yes, sad but true.