The Use Of Tiny Hole Besides Charging Port In Smartphones

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When you check out your mobile phone, you would be completely baffled as to what some of its parts are intended to serve. This is exactly what you think, and you must not allow your ignorance to overcome you. You bought the phone so You have the right to know what is happening. In today's world, knowledge is key, as the saying goes. Every day that past should serve as a valuable learning experience for you. Make an effort to learn new things. If you have tiny holes on your phone, don't play with them because they have numerous useful uses. Take a look at their role.


The tiny hole is with a microphone, which is useful not only for making call but also for recording video. The waves of sound that applications like VLC make, are made in order to facilitate their functionality. If you damage the tiny hole, the person who is calling you may be unable to hear you accurately. Even though new phones these days are equipped with a lot of microphones, you shouldn't damag this one by putting pins into the hole in your phone case yourself.

The tiny hole allows the person who is phoning you to hear you more accurately. That's why it's not a very important feature on the important list. It's smart that they are next to your mouth. Sound waves flow through the hole and are amplified even more for the purpose of communicating with the receiver of the audio. It is possible that it is clogged with dust and wax, causing those who call you to have their voices sound cranky, try blowing air into the hole with your mouth it may help clean some dust.

The tiny hole also features a d-noise microphone that limits the amount of unwanted sounds that the receiver will hear. Noise areunwanted sounds and can occasionally disturb the original sound. Therefore the hole will halt all the noise . Do not mess with the tiny role; instead, take ownership of the tiny hole and appreciate it.



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Greetings @emma55 no doubt knowledge is power, I was totally unaware of the uses of these holes found in our device, no doubt it is an important function, since audio and video are the enhancers of this technological marvel that many of us call cellular.

hello @emma55,
I didn't know what was the function of that hole that fills with dust very fast, thanks for the information now I will take more care of the phone from dust and water that usually is what covers that hole. On the other hand people without knowing how delicate is that microphone introduce by ignorance sharp objects through the hole of the phone.

It is adorable that this tiny hole that most of us don't know the use actually holds a pivotal function in making calls. Before now, I have not paid much attention to this tiny hole.

Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing piece buddy


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Thanks for sharing, LOL quite funny i have this tiny hole on my phone but never paid much attention to it functionality best regards

Anytime you need information for phones i am going to deliver

Hello @emma55!

Well I actually know about the importance of this tiny whole as it plays a major role of phones which is microphones. Yet I've been wondering why sometimes they are two of them, one at the top and one at the bottom, let's say the one at the bottom is the microphone, then what's the use or difference when there is another one at the top too.

Nice information, thanks for sharing!

There are some phones with reset buttons in tiny holes, maybe that is what the seconf tiny hole in your phone is but don't mess with it though

Very useful description of cellular technology. Thank you

The truth is that when it comes to technology, there are some things that are unknown to us, no matter how small they may be. Interesting post! :)