Please When an unknown number calls you, don’t rush by saying “hello”, do this first.

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People who do not hold telephone etiquette and act irresponsibly can be found.


This is very dangerouse i repeat very dangerous and should be avoided.

It is really not smart to answer any unknown phone call, especially one from an unknown number, and say hello right away.

When you receive a weird phone call, the first thing you should probably do is pick up the phone and ask the caller how you can help he or she.

"Please tell me who you are and what do you want," you can politely inquire or sound angry a little so that the unknown number feel really uncomfortable, and then ask if he or she mind identifying.

This way of replying is not only smart, but it is also more conciouse, like you know what you are doing.

If the person calling does not react, it is now very possible that it is a scammer. They fealt your confidence and guts in speaking, and they did not answer.

They'll be able to figure out that you are not smart if you only answer the phone and say hello like you were expecting the call.



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Greetings dear @emma55 our response par excellence is to greet with a hello that allows us to interact with the person on the other end of the line, but it is still worth following your advice. Regards

Greeting with Hello actually sends an impression to the caller that you want to hear what he or she has to say but when you ask who am i talkning to?

The caller will think twice before proceeding with his evil plan if it's a scammer.

Hello @emma55!
It is a very delicate subject and there are many cases I have heard related to it. Particularly I do not answer any calls from unknown phone numbers or messages. The people closest to me send me a message asking me to answer them, since I lived a situation related to it and now I take more precautions. Greetings!

hello @emma55,
in Venezuela calls from criminal groups to get money is common, that is why people do not answer the phone from a number that is not registered, it is a method of protection that helps to not have to be in contact with criminals, now if it is a known person should only send a message before making that call so that we know who is calling before answering.

That's very true. The first manner require when even picking a call is to even first ask how one can help someone because there are a lot of scammers using phone calls a sa way to carry out their agenda

Thank you for your contribution

Hello @emma55
I particularly do not answer any unknown numbers, absolutely none. I am in a country that is not mine, so I don't have many friends, if someone calls me and I don't have them registered, simply for me it is not someone I know.

You are security alert

This is really serious, I do not answer to any unknown number because I already had a bad experience, although I did not play along and there were no consequences, it was an uncomfortable moment, and my contacts know it and that is why before calling me from a number that I have not registered they write me before identifying themselves so that I can attend them.

It's a great advice I always give to my daughters, in fact every time someone calls the house and we don't see who it is, and that person asks who he is talking to, I tell him, you are the one who has to say who it is because you are the one who is called and you should know where you are calling so identify yourself first, and if I know you I will say who I am.

Greetings @ emma55
Currently there is a network of scammers who do everything possible to capture your attention with infinite strategies, for me it is very difficult not to answer a call saying hello, however I am attentive because I have been the subject of extortion, thank God without news but to block the number, but are good recommendations raised, I will keep them in mind.

Thank you very much for sharing.

Hello, Well I really agree with my friend @josevaz217 I don't answer to unknown numbers. Currently there are a large mechanism of telephone scams that include not only unknown numbers but also numbers that have a blocked or private ID and do not allow you to see who is calling to answer or ignore the call the system manages to access the database of your cell phone and leave you blank in addition to stealing valuable information that mostly we all have on our phones but we should not from bank passwords to photos of family and friends.

Wow, this is a wise security advise friend I really appreciate this wonderful article it was really helpful to me on how to handle strange calls to avoid scammers it's really awesome friend 😊♥️

Your time is appreciated

Hello again today... It looks like you love posting things realted to phones, amazing.

Well for the first time I feel proud that I don't answer unknown numbers at all, and actually I neither answer known ones unless they are from family or someone I am waiting a call from. Weirdly my main purpose for not answering is that I think it is from people I know and don't feel like talking to lol.

Thanks for sharing!

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It's logical! If you don't know the number you should be suspicious when answering an unknown call and say only what is really necessary. Nowadays there are many ways to trap the unwary and get people involved in pressing situations. Interesting post.

By. hojaraskita :)