How To Differentiate Between Original And Fake phones.

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It is the right for every human to always acquire an original phone when he opts to buy one. This is actually difficult because many people selling mostly phone sellers stock both original and fake products which are really hard to differentiate.


However, in this post I am going to share with you simple ways that can help you to differentiate between original and fake phone product.

First thing to do is to visit online shopping mall that sell smartphone like Jumia and check their price tag for smart phones so that you can check for the price of that phone at the market. Many fake phone cost are set lower than original phones cost inorder to attract many buyers.


I will be differentiating with Samsung smartphones, the first thing you should do as a buyer of the phond is to dial #0# on the phone you wish to buy. This will check whether all components of the Samsung phone are functioning well such as cameras, speakers and LCD test. After putting in this code, if the phone is good it will display all details as shown below written in English language. However, if it's fake phone it will display details written in Chinese language.


In the case of android phones, dial *#06#. The code will help you get the phones IMEI numbers.

You can also get information like that i explained above by visiting the settings area then click the "About Device" category and proceed to "Status" option.

After receiving the smartphones IMEI number, you can visit website, and copy the IMEI number on the dialog box and then click on Check.

The Exact Information about the phone that you want to buy or have already bought will be displayed on your phone screen and if it shoes something different from the information that original phone is supposed to have then it is likely to be a fake phone.



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Greetings @emma55 sometimes I have encountered this type of scenario because externally there is no considerable difference, hence we must resort to the internal, which is why your publication is of great importance. Regards