If You Have To Use Your Phone Or Laptop At Night, Ensure These 2 Things Are In Place

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Phones and laptop has made things much more convenient. While it is true that they have made things easy, it also has its disadvantages and in this post, we are not only going to only examine the harm technological and advancements have caused us but also look at some safety process necessary for every body that this set of technology.

Do you know that using your mobile phone or PC at night time can be very bad for our eyes? This is obviously true not because these two stuff i said about phone and laptop damages the eyes on their own but because the blue light coming from these two devices shouldn't have direct contact with someone eyes directly for too long or extended period of time. Though there is no way of preventing this current problem, you can actually reduce the blue light significantly and the effects of using phones or laptop during the night on your eyes. Just sit tight and enjoy this post whilst learning something new solutions.

1). Be very certain You Operate Your Laptop Or Phone With Protective Glasses;
Use the glasses that were specially made for blue light coming from devices like phones or laptops. The funny stuff is that purchasing a blue light filtering glasses is not cheap but can save you the stress of having to deal with nearsightedness or eye strain that can eventually generate in macular degeneration. Using your mobile phone in the night should strictly be done only when you put on your protective glasses, so you don't generate problems for yourself.

2).Make Sure The Room You are in have Lights Turned On
it is a very important information. Using your phone or laptop in a room that is not fully lit or the room has no light, this is very dangerous and can significantly impact on your eye vision, it is because the blue light coming from your phone or even the light coming from your PC would be directly coming in direct contact with your eyes directly thus increasing the chances of suffering from eye problems and headaches the for days to come. So ensure that you turn on the lights so your eyes won't have to come on direct contact with the blue light coming from your phone or PC.

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Hello @amma55!
Certainly, working at night on the computer is somewhat forced and exhausting, so it is important to take precautions because it can cause damage in other aspects. Greetings!

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Good your proposal but I think there are more things that affect this, it would be worth expanding on it,
thanks for publishing it

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