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Nowadays people have a tendency to become depressed, especially in the face of daily situations that have kept them in confinement, isolated in their homes as a consequence of the pandemic. Depression is one of the first causes that facilitates the development of other mental and physical illnesses, because depression can become somatized, deteriorating our lives. From this point of view, it is important to point out that depression as such originates at the psychological level, that is, in our thoughts when we allow ourselves to be invaded by anguish, anxiety, sadness, uncertainty and all those negative feelings that generate negative thoughts in us.



It is at this moment where we must apply mental hygiene for the health of thought. This mental hygiene is constituted as the cleansing of our mind of all those thoughts that manifest themselves in negative projections and turn every space of our mind dark. Mental hygiene has its action in the discovery of the negativity that begins to take over our mind. Hence, the first step is to discover when a situation is creating a space of darkness in our thoughts and at what moment we leave aside the hope to believe that nothing can go well in our existence. All this goes through a process of evaluation of our life where in the midst of the most adverse circumstances we convince ourselves that there is always a possibility of improvement.



Mental hygiene implies freeing our mind from all the garbage that negativity becomes in our thoughts. It is not about an absurd or meaningless positivism, it is about the awakening of our conscious being towards the possibilities and opportunities that everything in our life brings, even the worst circumstances. Mental hygiene is based on the "I can" from the discovery of my inner strength to transform and heal. Today more than ever we must keep away that which brings us mentally closer to the dark side of our thoughts where we can lose everything including our life. Mental hygiene is the daily work of getting rid of doubts and the fear of not being good enough for the world, when in reality what really matters is that you are a human being aware of your virtues, flaws, possibilities and especially, of everything that is part of your life in love. So today my dear readers, let's do a mental cleansing that leads us to a state of health of thought and soul.

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Many years ago when I first heard this expression, I was amused. However, when I understood how powerful and necessary it is, I could understand that every human being should do it periodically, even from childhood.

Thank you for bringing such an important topic that promotes mental health and prevents depression.

Hello @emimoron

While depression as such originates at the psychological level, there are external factors that induce the onset of depressive conditions that in some cases leads to quite traumatic situations, the ideal is to adjust to the environment and not fall into scenarios that provide us with instability.

Best regards, be well.

Hello @emimoron, an important aspect that you highlight here, certainly the pandemic has subjected us to many conditions that have generated different feelings, but it is important to remove from our mind all those negative thoughts that only serve to develop stress and depression, we must make a good cleaning in our mind of those thoughts.

As humans, we tend to focus more on material things and focus less on things that are of greater importance. Mental hygiene is extremely important, our heart and soul require constant cleansing and renewal.

Life is really difficult, it is even more difficult to keep a check on our mental health. It is however for our own good to remind ourselves about how special we are, about how good we are, and how we can achieve whatever we set our heart to achieve.