What NFT in general and SHIBA INU have in common

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I am not talking about the useful NFTs in this post of course. I am talking about those ones that are not for card games, they have no utility whatsoever but they are very expensive and held by people with a lot of money.

I feel the same way about the SHIB token. Correct me if I am wrong but it is one letter away from being called SHIT token. The team behind this token probably knew this and said. "Naah, people will still love it."

I and that the team recently came up with a new token called DOGE KILLER AKA the LEASH. While reading this I am wondering "what in God's name are people spending their money on?"

But that is real life and in real life, people feel way more than they think. Even when they think they are thinking, trust me, they are feeling things and acting out on their feelings, as a doctor I see it happen every day.

I see parents who will take their sick children to a pastor to pray for them before they come to the hospital. By the time they make it to the hospital the kidneys are failing, the child's eyes are yellow and all they do is shower money on the pastor right in front of us. But the fact still remains,

You can't tell people what to spend their money on!

You have no right to. I can't even try to. I get my WhatsApp status from people who keep advertising these tokens to other people. It seems like a rug pull for everyone to me.

But that's my opinion on the SHIB token, I'd like to know your thoughts though. Do you think it is a worthy investment or you are like me and think it is actual shit?

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Hi @ebingo.
Definitely the meme currencies or that are products of them do not have any kind of reliability, since they do not have companies that support them. But there is never a lack of those who give a vote of confidence to these digital currencies hopefully and do not end up scammed.

Well...I just agree cause I haven't invested in SHIB. But it is worth being careful about

I can tell you something, those people I mean the team knew very well what they were doing and they knew very well at what point they would take profit, I think they still do it so in a way and it's my opinion it's a new form of scam, for the most unwary or for those people who don't study the basics of a junk cryptocurrency.

So true