Get over myself (Find real peace)

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I really want to hear myself think these days especially as the story I have been telling myself is not playing out exactly the way I wanted it.

Life is a story

Every aspect of it is a story and has always been. I'm not trying to fix the story these days as much as I use to. I just watch them fall apart...I have high hope for friction holding the glass cup as it slips across the table, I really believe in the tension on the last thread holding the fruit as it drops to the ground.

Maybe the glass will break into more pieces and become sand's silicon once again or the fruit will die and be buried and come back to life once again.

I suffer

It is the Buddhist doctoring that life is suffering and all beings go through suffering. I suffer, but sometimes it's from my bad choices, from my mistakes, from my selfishness, from my greed.

But is that reason to not save me or try at least to make some sense of the situation I find myself in?

How I feel

When will I realize that you can't trust my emotions? When will I realize that the world put ideas in my head that are not realistic? I just want to be me, but it seems outdated every time I try. The people who are hurt by my choices the most are those who choose to love me for me. The me that I can be...who is kind, thoughtful, and loving.


This is where I get to know all the things I am not and all the things that could destroy me and make me better. How am I the advice of those who don't really care?

Mehn...I'll figure it out though and keep growing.

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hello @ebingo,
It is said that emotions must be educated as well as the head is educated, in that sense human beings must have a period of self-discovery nothing in life is easy, on the other hand we must have a clear idea of where we want to go and the skills we want to have in order to develop them over time.

I think I see it that way too. Its a wise way of putting it

While growing our physical bodies, we must strive to grow our emotions as well. The best way to live is never to allow your emotions control you instead think things through appropriately and make sound, vital conclusions.

It usually become difficult when we find ourselves in emotions we are not very familiar with.

But we can survive it if we tilt towords logic and not let those new emotions consume us

Hey mate!

I've been reading and wondering, it is almost the same thought that was in my head before time (Maybe a year or so), I figured out that I was trying to find myself, yea such a long trip we might go through to know what we are, what we want, who we love.... And how to make our thoughts, positive ones, practical, it is indeed not easy yet it is worth it.

Despite all the weird thoughts that might go through our minds there will always be a place, time, and maybe circumstances that is capable of helping us organizing those thoughts, day by day we will be able to see everything clearly and get rid of those blurry thoughts.

Yeah...the blurry ones...

Its logic being interrupted by our feelings.

I absolutely agree