The education of our days will be the one we really need.

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Every day there are many news about the education we are receiving at all educational levels and invites us to make an analysis of the education we are receiving today, since the students as the world changes should adapt and be able to know these changes.

A fundamental aspect would be the respect and acceptance of people as we are, also the respect for nature and the preservation of the human species, also to know the different cultures that exist in the world, knowledge about technology and the logical parts that allow them to have a critical thinking for the sake of change and conflict resolution.

We are in an era where technology is used for many purposes and not for the resolution of the real problems that the planet presents such as hunger, water and wars, as it deepens in some stereotypes of virtual people who have no sense of relevance for anything but themselves.

For this it is necessary to be able to change the structure and educational models that allow the end of their educational path there is a being able to have a more human sense, with extensive knowledge in technology for an efficient and efficient use for humanity, who knows the different cultures and speak several languages, to not damage the beliefs and socialize.

All this is necessary and there must be the will of the world for education to be the fundamental pillar of the transformations of the society that we deserve and where changes must be made so that there is a balance in all societies where we do not see ourselves as strong societies and weak societies, but we can all have a union between all and education will allow us to achieve that common goal so desired.

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Hello friend @dgalan!
I agree that with so many advances in technology, education should be directed to the training of professionals with the vision of solving important problems and not for the destruction and pollution, it is possible to work together and improve as a society without thinking only of individual interests. Thanks for sharing!

greetings @yusvelasquez
We are on the same page, I agree with you and your approach.
Thank you very much for your comments

Greetings @dgalan, I am a supporter that education in these moments of history where society is changing and is in a process of adaptation to new technological systems, should be assumed as a contextualized process that rather than impart closed content allows the possibility of bringing the classroom to the reality of each of our students process called contextualization of teaching we must leave aside the fragmentation of knowledge and begin to implement a real education that serves for life according to the new economic, social and environmental paradigms we are living greetings

hello @madridbg
There is no doubt that being able to adapt to changes will advance education and with it the development of humanity.
Thank you very much for your comments

I agree with you! Respect and Acceptance should be very highly prioritized in schools! I still think basic amthematics and economy or financials should be thought as well but values like respect should be clearly in the first place :)

hello @ga38jem
Totally agree with you, changes are necessary and urgent for a better society.
Thank you very much for your comments