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Every day that goes by we make decisions and go through circumstances that make us see life from many angles, and we it that we had to go through this?.

Every human being must go through the path that he/she is carving by his/her actions and by the decisions that he/she makes, without a doubt it will not be easy for anyone, even though for some things are much easier than for others.

It all comes down to how to face life, since perseverance and dedication is one of the fundamental factors, without taking into account the values and teachings of the home that are also determinant for the future.

It is also important to highlight that the world turns and with it change the circumstances and the environment of human beings, we must be prepared for these events that sometimes come alone and in others, are the consequence of our actions..

We can expect some results that never appear and consequently come more difficult moments, is where we think that is what I should do for everything to change and improve, or just wait for it to change without doing anything.

Undoubtedly we always think that we would never go through these situations and we have to make many analysis and reflections of the situations presented, to seek alternatives and accept that life is not so easy for anyone, nor difficult, we just have to show the willingness to face with the weapons and tools we have and that we are getting.

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Hello friend @dgalan.

Life is full of many surprises, we are never prepared for new changes, we always think about how difficult it will be for us to leave a world of ease to enter another that will make everything more difficult.

It's good to look for alternatives and accept that life is not easy but it's not difficult and even less impossible.

Greetings and thanks for your article.

hello @sandracarrascal
It is very true that we are never ready for so many changes and we have to be very cautious and ready to accept them.
Thank you very much for your comments

Hello friend @dgalan!
Life is full of many surprises and situations as you say that we do not think that can happen to us, however, I believe that each one has a purpose in our lives and the important thing is to learn from each one of them and keep the best to move forward. Good reflection

hello @yusvelásquez
It is the pure truth what you don't mention, I think the difficult is to understand that the change of path is the right thing to do another mission.
Thank you very much for your comments

hello @dgalan,
It is said that life is a set of opportunities and crises, these opportunities and crises shape the character of human beings, that is why when we are in crisis we want the opportunity and when we have an opportunity in our hands we must always keep in mind the times in which our life was dominated by a crisis, nothing is forever, neither the good things nor the bad things.

hello @trabajosdelsiglo
The important thing for everyone is to make the most of every opportunity. And understand that not everyone is as we wish.
Thank you very much for your comments

Hi @dgalan.

Excellent reflection that you share with us, it is important to understand how you express that our life goes from one side to the other, that is, from difficulties to happiness and vice versa where we must make decisions according to the moment we are going through. Thank you for such wonderful content. Greetings.

hello @rbalzan79
You are absolutely right my friend, the important thing is to be able to get ahead despite the adversities.
Thank you very much for your comments

Whatsoever it is and looks we have to keep taking decisions day in day out. This is what makes life more fun. This is where makes life more amazing and fun.

hello @tfame3865
It is very true, we must make daily decisions that are transcendental to our lives and it is necessary to make them in order to move forward even though sometimes it is not what you really wanted .
Thank you very much for your comments

Life can be difficult or easy, it's usually your choice. It's more of an irony - if you move towards easy things, life tend to be difficult for you. But if you move towards difficult things, life tends to be easy for you. Life cannot be difficult for a man who has already embraced pain. Nice publication.

hello @greatideas
No doubt that the choice is transcendental and necessary.
Thank you very much for your comments

At some point, life happens to us all, and the way we choose to face those challenges would either make us win or lose. My Mum advises that I should expect bad days at some point but I need to prepared to face them even while praying for the best.

hello @bimbo45
that's certainly a very good advice and loaded with a lot of reality, you have to be prepared for everything.
Thank you very much for your comments

Hello friend, I think it all depends a lot on the attitude we have when facing things or obstacles. Everything happens and most of the time we are able to come out victorious and overcome the problems. I think we should believe in ourselves and have more self-confidence. Greetings.